13 Scientific Ways That Make You Much Happier

What makes people much happier?

Much Happier

For centuries, humans pursuit happiness. But it seems that this emotion is fluid – you can’t hold it in your hand forever. As a result, most of us have failed to conquer happiness. Can we make it lasts?

Philosophers and psychologists try to unravel this question. However, such endeavor led to several conceptual paradigms of happiness.

But the greatest question is not how we define happiness. Rather, most people’s concern is how we become happy and remain happy.

Psychological research reaped important clues on happiness. Most importantly, on keeping it.

For instance, Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at the Riverside spent her career in studying happiness.

One of the most important discoveries she made is the concept of happiness “set point.” What this means is that, when we experience extreme happiness or extreme loneliness, our emotion will always go back to the setpoint. In other words, a set point is an imaginary line that draws a boundary between happiness and loneliness.

The greatest contribution of Dr. Lyubomirsky is the realization that anyone can be happy forever or permanently. In addition, happiness is not generally governed by genes and other uncontrollable variables. Instead, happiness is largely dependent on one’s habits and perception about life.

However, this claim is not new. In fact, Aristotle had it when he said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” This means that if you want to be happy, you have to work on it. Because happiness is dependent on us.

Here are some habits you can develop to become much happier.

The road to a much happier life

  1. “Don’t be sad for what you don’t have, be grateful for what you have.”
  2. “Having the things and people that you need and then being content with that.”
  3. “Understand yourself.”
  4. “Making others happy and exploring/trying new things.”
  5. “Learning how to control your emotion or the environment which sculpts them.”
  6. “Being able to apologize when you’re wrong without feeling like a loser just because you’re the one apologizing.”
  7. “Practice gratitude. Which simply means pay attention when good things happen to you.”
  8. “Realizing it’s not some attainable thing that once you get there that’s it. It’s a state of mind that must be constantly cultivated.”
  9. “Learn to accept and love yourself just as you are now.”
  10. “Optimism and continuing to grow as an individual.”
  11. “Finding something you love, and doing it as much as you can.”
  12. “Learn to appreciate the little things in life, the small moments.”
  13. “Move on, and not dwell on things that make you unhappy.”

We can be happy if we want to. These habits can help us realize our dream of attaining a much happier life.

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