The Association Between Musical Taste And Personality

Do musical taste and personality related?

Musical Taste And Personality

There are many indicators of personality traits. You can see them on one’s perpetual acts.

For instance, in a recent study, researchers found that music has something to do with personality. Those who love sophisticated music such as jazz and opera tend to have a higher level of openness.

People who are open to new experience tend to have an open mind. They welcome new ideas, inquisitive, curious and able to comprehend others’ feelings.

These behaviors are associated with high intelligence.

Likewise, people who love acoustic and mellow music tend to be more extroverted. They are, therefore, outgoing and full of energy.

Lastly, agreeableness is also associated with the preferred musical genre. People who have a high level of agreeableness tend to love all types of music.

The music genres used in the study were the following:

  • Unpretentious – includes the country, folk, and acoustic
  • Mellow – romantic, R&B, soft rock, and contemporary
  • Sophisticated – opera, jazz, classical
  • Intense – heavy metal, rock, loud, and aggressive music
  • Contemporary – dance, rap, and pop

But only the sophisticated and unpretentious music taste was associated with personality.

The rest of the genres listed above were not related to personality. The researchers were not certain about the possible connection of other music types with personality.

The researchers drew the conclusion from more than 22,000 participants. These people listened to unfamiliar music for fifteen seconds and were asked to assess the music afterward.

The participants also rated the personality scale (the five personality factors) which include openness to experience, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

The authors explain that music preference is somewhat relative to one’s social behavior. People who are extroverted tend to love energetic and lively music. Thus, musical taste and personality are somewhat related.

In conclusion, the authors believe that:

“These results corroborate that music – a form of self-expression that is ubiquitous across human cultures – communicates meaningful information about basic psychological characteristics.”

What do you think? Does your musical taste reflect your personality traits? Leave your thoughts below.