Here Are The Signs That You’re Not Performing At Work

The alarm clock is ringing loudly but you turn it off. You know it’s Monday, another starting day for work but your body is too heavy to get up.

Your job becomes your stressor instead of something that motivates you every day. You hate your boss, your co-employee, and your job.

Being in this situation, you may want to change your job. But before deciding to quit, you must be sure whether or not leaving is the best option.

Here are the signs that you are not performing at work anymore:

1. You feel bored all the time

Occasionally, we all feel boredom. In fact, it can be helpful in some instances. Several studies found that boredom motivates us. But if you feel it all the time during office hours, it could be the sign that you are not motivated. Your daily job routine does not make you happy anymore.

2. Feeling not doing what you love

One of the secrets of success is passion. If you are not doing what you love, you’ll lose focus and motivation along the way. This happens to most people, especially millennials who seek a high paying job. Unfortunately, they eventually found that money alone does not provide happiness.

If you are not happy anymore of what you are doing, it could be hard for you to stay in that job.

3. You feel like you don’t fit in

Whether you like it or not, you go along with other people in the workplace. But sadly, not all people may like you. Well, that’s normal. We differ in many ways. The worse thing though is that you don’t find your own space.

These signs may signal that you are not performing at work anymore. If you think that every day is killing you, then maybe you can find something that makes you happy and motivated.

Whoever you are, remember that you have the right to achieve everything you want in life.

Start another journey and make it wonderful and meaningful.