Online Colleges with Psychology Degrees

What are the online colleges that offer psychology degrees?

Online Colleges with Psychology Degrees

The internet has changed the world especially the academic setting. Unlike old times when college students went to school, today, college students can enroll in online courses. The best part of this educational system is that students can now finish a college degree at home.

Because of this, many of my readers who want to pursue psychology degrees online ask me whether online psychology courses are legit. My response is yes. There are legit and APA accredited online colleges with psychology degrees.

In this post, I listed some of the leading online colleges with psychology degrees. The following online universities are accredited and have high academic standards. The following online schools offer undergraduate and graduate psychology degrees.

1. University of Idaho

The University of Idaho offers two psychology programs: AB and BS in Psychology. The programs are offered online. Either program equips students with research skills, a career in counseling, human resources, and many more.

The school is always making sure that significant psychological topics are covered without jeopardizing quality. With the University of Idaho, you can assure high-quality education and an accredited program.

Tuition: $17, 250 per year

2. Biola University

Biola University offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology online. Students can enroll and finish the course conveniently wherever they want. The number of credits a student can take each semester can be arbitrary. The pacing is also depending on the student’s preference. The good thing is that students can finish the course within two years.

The psychological topics are incorporated with biblical teachings and views. If you are into Christian thought, organizational psychology, psychological wellness, counseling application in real life, and marriage.

Biola University is one of the online schools that integrates psychological concepts with Biblical teachings.

Tuition: 16, 650 per year

3. National University

The National University has one of the most interactive online degrees in psychology. The university offers Bachelor of Arts in Psychology which is accessible anytime 24/7. This program equips students with comprehensive knowledge of various major topics in psychology.

This online psychology degree prepares students for their roles in their respective careers. Students will be able to apply their learned skills in counseling, psychological wellness, etc.

The program also covers major theories in psychology including memory, behaviorism, sociocultural, and other areas of psychological studies. The best part is that students can choose the place they want while attending classes.

Tuition: 25,374 per year

4. Chaminade University of Honolulu

The Chaminade University of Honolulu offers Bachelor of Science in Psychology online. The program aims to develop a person’s spiritual, mental, behavioral and emotional aspects.

What is special in this online psychology program is that it has an accessible learning environment that focuses on Asian thought. It enhances a person’s ability to develop better communication skills.

After graduation, students are expected to learn and be able to apply psychological concepts in real life situations. Students will also be equipped with counseling psychology, sociocultural psychology, and other major areas of the field.

Tuition: $12,600 per year

5. Spalding University

If you are looking for an online university that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program that promotes convenience and flexibility, Spalding University is the right one for you. The main goal of the online program is to give students constant access to the school resources including tutoring, career development, counseling, and many more.

The Spalding University program offers two tracks. Students can choose between general psychology track or pre-clinical and industrial psychology. Either program, however, prepares students in whatever field they want to enter after graduation. As a result, the graduates of the program are equipped with necessary skills in different fields of interest including psychiatric assistant, social worker, counseling, industrial management, etc.

Because it is super convenient and flexible, students can do on academic tasks whenever and whichever they want.

Tuition: $11,700 per year

6. University of Massachusetts – Amherst

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has an online degree of Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology. If you are looking for online colleges with psychology degrees, the University of Massachusetts is one of the best options.

Under its “University Without Walls Program”, online students are allowed to make their own schedule whichever they want. The program primarily focuses on the application of psychology in many areas of life.

The program aims to equip students with ample knowledge in different career possibilities such as counseling, social work, education, career guidance, child services, and substance abuse prevention.

Tuition: $12,000 per year

7. University of Louisiana – Monroe

If you want an online psychology degree that has a wider academic scope, you might want to check the online offering of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program covers two major electives such as Evolutionary and Positive Psychology.

These two topics help students to better understand people at a macro level. The Evolutionary perspective, for instance, is a very good foundation in understanding people’s complex behavioral patterns. It answers the questions as to why some behaviors are unique to an individual and why some are common to all.

Positive Psychology, on the other hand, is an area of study wherein students will be taught how to view the world in a more positive way. More than that, the program also aims to improve students’ quality of life and well-being using scientifically proven techniques.

The graduates of this program are expected to be perfectly suited in different careers such as counselors, psychiatric assistant, research, and industrial management.

Tuition: $15,570

8.  Simpson University

If you are looking for an online school that offers a fast track psychology program, you might want to check the Simpson University. This school offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree online which you can finish in just 16 months.

The program has 12 online courses. Each course duration is five weeks from Monday to Sunday. All courses are taken one at a time. All students are trained to be socially responsible.

In addition, the program aims to develop students’ skills in language, self-awareness, and sensitivity to others. The entire learning environment is student-friendly making it suitable to all types of students from all walks of life.

Tuition: $20,100 per year

9. Loyola University Chicago

The Loyola University Chicago offers an online course on Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology. The program equips students with intensive knowledge in the application of psychology in business using concepts in social psychology, personality, and industrial setting.

What differs this program from other online degrees in psychology is that students can finish their courses either online or the combination between online and on-campus.

The program is aiming at developing students’ skills in employee relations, coaching, human development, career development, human resource development, and industrial productivity.

At the end of the course, students are expected to be knowledgeable in behavioral, emotion, cognition, emotion, and motivational research.

Tuition: $12,090 per year

10. Southern New Hampshire University Online

If you want an online psychology degree that offers many concentrations, you might want to check the program offered by the Southern New Hampshire University. This online program offers many concentrations including addiction, Child and Adolescent Development, Social Psychology, Mental Health, and Forensic Psychology.

This university also offers degrees on-campus. Students can choose between online and offline school system.

Tuition: $20,790 per year

11. DePaul University

Another online college with psychology degrees is DePaul University. The university offers two major tacks for psychology students. You can choose between preparing for graduate studies and studying child and adolescent behavior.

The first concentration requires advanced courses in research preparing students for a higher degree in psychology. The second concentration allows the students to be equipped with knowledge on children and adolescent behavioral tendencies.

Tuition: $25,000 per year