Online Psychology Degree Accredited by APA

Online Psychology Degree Accredited by APA

Is there an online psychology degree accredited by APA? This is one of the most common questions I get. The answer is yes, there is. In fact, it is not one, but many online psychology degrees that are accredited by APA.

The number of students who want to go to online studies for a degree in psychology is increasing. This is because, unlike traditional university, students are not required to go to school. Instead, online education provides flexible class schedules. This means that students can study wherever they want.

It is important to note, however, that not all online universities have high standards. If you want to get the most of your effort and resources, I suggest you go with reputable online universities like those accredited by APA.

In this post, I will be sharing at least 4 schools that offer online psychology degree accredited by the APA. Here are the schools:

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is an online university teaching all their programs online. This school does not only offer undergraduate psychology programs but also graduate degrees in Ph.D. in philosophy and in I/O psychology.

Because all the course works are done online, as a student, you can study anywhere you want. Clearly, this university offers comfort for students and place flexibility. And because it is accredited by APA, you can ensure a high educational standard.

Adler School of Professional Psychology

The Adler School of Professional Psychology is another APA accredited online university that offers psychology programs. But unlike other online schools, the Adler School also offers on-campus psychology degrees. The school also allows the students to combine their on-campus and online courses.

The programs give freedom to students who want to have distant learning. At Adler School, students can enroll not only an undergraduate degree but also graduate programs.

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global was formerly known as Kaplan University. This university offers a world-class education system that aims to cater to the educational needs of working adults. If you are one of the working parents who want to finish a college degree from a reputable school, you might be interested in the Purdue University Global degree offerings.

You can take up psychology and social and behavioral sciences. The school does not only equip students with the academic knowledge but also community support. Students can have all the resources needed to complete the degree.

Argosy University

Argosy University is another APA accredited online school that offers psychology degrees online. The school also offers on-campus programs. You can take a graduate degree in a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Argosy University has a high academic standard that conforms to APA standards. This school ensures students’ bright future by providing quality education.

Can you become a psychologist with an online degree?

Now that you already have completed all the academic requirements through an online university, you are ready to embark on your new journey. You might be wondering whether the undergraduate in psychology you’ve just finished can be a ticket to become a psychologist.

The answer is not yet. This is because a minimum requirement for becoming a psychologist is at least a master’s degree in psychology (this depends on the national regulation). In addition, the requirement also depends on the area you want to be in.

For instance, if you are interested in becoming a clinical and counseling psychologist, you must have a doctorate degree in psychology. It also requires professional experience in the field.

But the most important requirement is the national board examination. This means that you have to pass the exam before you can become a psychologist. The purpose of the exam is to assess one’s proficiency and preparedness for the profession before they can own a license.

Should I get a masters or Ph.D. in psychology?

Well, the answer to this question largely depends on you. You can have both the masters and Ph.D. degrees but you cannot have a Ph.D. in psychology without completing a master’s degree. This is because the master’s degree is a prerequisite to a Ph.D. degree.

The doctorate (Ph.D.) is a more advanced degree compared to a master’s degree. If you want to be an expert of a certain field in psychology, I think you should proceed with a Ph.D. in psychology.

There are two types of doctorate degrees in psychology. You can take the Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) or the Psy. D (Doctor of Psychology). The difference between the two is that the doctor of philosophy focuses on research in the psychological field. While the Psy. D. focuses on the practical application of psychology in real-life situations.