9 Powerful Techniques To Overcome Fear

How to overcome fear?

Overcome Fear

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.” Unknown

Fear is the greatest reason for failure. It deteriorates motivation and exacerbates frustration.

It is okay to fear something. Like stress, it has a positive side.

Fear allows us to do better. But like stress, too much of it hinders our functioning.

The bad news is that most people don’t realize that fear only exists in the mind – not in reality.

It’s a product of a faulty mindset. The problem is that fear is so powerful that if you don’t resist it, you’ll find yourself a prisoner.

The good news is that we can do something to control it instead of it controlling us.

In this article, I made a list of different powerful ways you can use to control fear.

Let’s start.

9 ways to overcome fear

Overcoming fear may not be easy. But through the following techniques, you’ll be able to conquer your goals.

1. Conscious assessment

Before you do anything to resist your fear, you need to have a clear assessment of the thing you feared. Is it real? If your fear is about talking in front of other people, is it really scary? Will you die if you talk to your coworkers or your bosses? Answering these questions honestly, allows you to act effectively. Remember that fear is a result of your faulty thinking.

2. Identify the reasons

The reason why most people are defeated by their fear is that they don’t know what exactly they feared about. Overcoming fear involves identifying reasons why you feel such way. Name it. Is it lack of confidence? Then build confidence. There are hundreds of online resources you can use to help you build self-confidence. Knowing the nature of your fear allows you to find ways to solve it constructively.

3. Be mindful of your thoughts

Your thoughts are the sources of your fear. Thus, you need to be aware of what thought scares you the most. Do not avoid it. Challenge it instead. Avoiding it will not do any better. It only results in a bigger problem. Phobia and trauma are common results of fear avoidance. So monitor your thoughts and examine them whether or not there is really an impending danger. If there is, then make a reasonable action.

4. Focus on the importance of the act

The reason why most people fail is that their fear is bigger than their motivation to succeed. To overcome fear, you need to determine the importance of what you intend to do. Does standing in front of the class saves you from having a failing grade? Or is doing a presentation in front of your boss helps you to get a promotion? If yes, then would you allow your fear to control you in that very significant moment of your life? It’s now or never.

5. It’s you vs. others

Sometimes, your fear stems from considering what other people might say. The truth is that whatever you do people will say something about you. Even if you try to be the best person, you can’t please everyone. This is because we all have different views. So stop thinking about other people. Just do what you want to accomplish. As long as you hurt no one, you’ll be fine. At the end of the day, your best friend is yourself.

6. Read

One of the best ways to overcome fear is reading. Reading broadens your world. Get some books that portray the lives of successful people in the past. By going back in time, allows yourself to immerse in the real world. You’ll learn a lot from history. Observe how great people in history fought their battles. To me, getting to know ancient rulers gives me fire that boosts my motivation. You’ll be amazed at how small your problem or challenge compared to the odds faced by successful men.

7. Take action

You know exactly what scares you and what to do to get rid of fear. Now, the next step is to take action. Do exactly what is necessary to be done. In my experience, doing something that I feared helps me to prove that fear is not real. Sometimes I succeed in what I do and sometimes I fail. Ethier way helps me build my self-confidence.

8. Watch informational materials

Like books, videos are good sources of motivation. Find movies and documentaries that can help cultivate your strength to overcome fear.

9. Breathe

Going to a job interview, speak in front of the class, or speak in front of your boss is scary. The simplest thing you can do prior to any of these activities is to take a deep breath. Yes, that’s all you need to overcome your fear. It frees you from all sorts of worries. Above all, taking a deep breath relaxes your body. The more relaxed you are, the more you can concentrate on the task at hand.

How to overcome fear? It’s simple. Just identify what scares you the most and then take action to neutralize your worries. And remember, fear only exists in the mind, not in reality.

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