The Best Method For Overcoming Loneliness

On overcoming loneliness.

Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness is a normal emotional state. We all experience it. It is part of being human. However, some people may find it hard to deal with this emotion.

If you don’t control sadness, it will take over all your daily activities. It can impair your overall functioning. As a result, like many people, you will not be able to do your routine job.

So what can you do to ease your feeling?

This question was the main subject of the recent study. The authors wanted to determine the easiest and quickest way to overcome loneliness.

The finding suggests that thinking your positive past experience can have a positive impact on your emotional state.

This means that if you are feeling lonely, think of those happy moments in your life. By so doing, you’ll be able to refine your feeling.

In fact, resilient people, people who are capable of dealing with difficult situations employ nostalgia. Revisiting their positive past experience made them feel better and happy.

The authors of the study shared their conclusion:

“Nostalgia, a sentimental longing for the past, is a self-relevant and social emotion: The self almost invariably figures as the protagonist in nostalgic narratives and is almost always surrounded by close others.”

Some of the events in your life are worth remembering such as our previous birthdays, vacation with your loved ones, and the like.

Going back to your positive past experiences can be the quickest way of overcoming loneliness.

Aside from this, you can also employ other techniques in overcoming loneliness. Some experts suggest three effective ways to heal inner emptiness. They are Awareness, acceptance, and compassion.

1. Awareness

When you feel bad, stay and be familiar with that. Instead of denying your true feeling, indulge in it. Feel every aspect of it. And don’t restrain yourself from crying. Crying will be a great help to remove the clog in your throat.

2. Acceptance

Most people when lonely, tend to spend time with other activities such as watching TV, play games, etc. Others do household chores just to temporarily forget their inner feeling.

However, these techniques do not work. The turmoil inside your chest keeps accumulating. Then a time may come that you couldn’t sleep at night. Something is bothering you, the inner emptiness.

Many people, when confronted with loneliness, tend to put blame on themselves. They start noticing their own mistakes and weaknesses. But instead of overcoming loneliness, they only feel the worse version of emotional turmoil. Obviously, avoidance or denial does not work.

The best thing to do instead is acceptance. Accept your feeling and stay aware of your feeling.

3. Compassion

Don’t hurt yourself. Instead, develop self-love. Abandoning or blaming yourself may only worsen loneliness. Accept the reality that you are not the only person who feels bad. Others too. In fact, some people carry heavier loads than you do.

Widen your perspective. Look at others. Connect with them. Volunteer. Helping others makes you happy. Don’t waste your time engaging in negative thoughts. Instead, develop awareness, acceptance, and compassion. There’s always a place for happiness in your heart regardless of your experience. So find it and live in it.

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