Less Committed To A Relationship

What Makes People Less Committed To A Relationship

Why many people are less committed to a relationship? Early life experiences play an important role in one’s personality development. These experiences involve parenting styles. And parenting styles shape how a person deals with an intimate relationship beyond childhood. Thus, the success of any intimate relationship may be dependent on couples’ early life experiences. For instance, one study found that…

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How To Overcome Stress At School
Study Hacks

How To Overcome Stress At School And Be A Happy Student

How to overcome stress at school? Stress, a not so nice internal sensation affects most of the university students. Around the world, statistics reveal over the years that students were stressed out. Although stress is not entirely a bad emotional experience, it almost always hits one’s emotional state. The exams, assignments, research papers, relationships, and financial problems often cause turmoil…

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fight depression fast
Health Psychology

How To Fight Depression Fast Without Medication

Fight depression fast? Depression affects almost every one of us. Millions of people suffer from this psychological condition. It interferes the daily functioning of those who have it. In response, medical companies produce drugs which aim to end this problem. However, medical interventions seemingly fail their main purpose. Some antidepressants do not really treat depression. So what now? Can you…

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