Abnormal Psychology

What College Course Do Psychopaths Mostly Likely To Enroll

What could be the favorite college course of psychopaths? Determining psychopathy remains a challenge. The available instruments are not perfect. Nonetheless, researchers continue to find ways in order to unravel behaviors that are related to psychopathy. They solely rely on personality tests. For instance, a new study investigated what type of subject psychopaths might be interested in college. The researchers…

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Depression Symptom
Abnormal Psychology

Depression Symptom That Depressed People Don’t Know

If you are depressed, you probably don’t notice depression symptom. Some people believe that depression is not real. In fact, recently, a celebrity made a joke on depression saying that it is not true. But clinicians and psychologically trained people know the danger of this psychological problem. Depression is not something that people should take for granted. It is serious.…

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Brain Structure
Health Psychology

Living In This Area Results To Healthier Brain Structure

How nature affects brain structure? Previously, a study in Australia had found that living in nearby sea shore helps reduce stress and depression incidents. It was one of the pieces of evidence that points out the good impact of mother-nature in human health. Another study solidifies the previous claim. The group of researchers led by Ms. Simone Kühn found that…

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Personality Traits

The Way You Walk Tells About Your Personality Traits

Your gait speaks about your personality traits. Our actions speak who we are. The small things we do every day reflect our inner world. We do some of those things unconsciously. This usually happens almost automatically without considerable effort. For instance, nail-biting was found to be associated with stress. People who engage in this behavior is said to be experiencing…

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