Successful Parenting

11 Best Ways Towards Successful Parenting

What is successful parenting? Around the globe, parents discipline their children in different ways. Some parents use physical or corporal punishment to control and guide children’s behavior. But not all of these parenting strategies are effective and legal. In fact, in some countries, physical punishment (e.g. spanking and pinching) is prohibited. Indeed, parenting has a huge impact on children’s development.…

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Abnormal Psychology

Misophonia: The Reason Why Noisy Eating Irritates You

What is misophonia?  Do you feel angry when you hear someone clicking keyboard, breathing nasal, water bottle squeezing, or dog’s barking? Actually, you’re not alone. There are some people like you who feel the same. However, such feeling of irritation is due to a condition called misophonia. What is misophonia? Misophonia is a mental disorder that a sufferer is hating a…

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How To Influence Others
Social Psychology

How to Win Friends and Influence Others

How to influence others? To influence others is not easy especially in business or in winning social situation. This is because human behavior is unpredictable. Because humans have the capacity to think and criticize information, to influence others or perhaps changing other people’s thoughts can be the most difficult task. Influence matters in gaining new friends. Same is true in…

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