Job Interview
Industrial Psychology

How to Pass a Job Interview: Harvard’s Psychologist Advice

Have you failed in a job interview? What do you think the reason why companies did not hire you? Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy says (after years of studying how to succeed during a stressful situation) that people will automatically judge using two criteria: trustworthiness and competence. These judgment patterns are always evident in almost all social situations but probably most…

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Stress Coping Strategies
Health Psychology

Stress Coping Strategies: How to Release the Stress

What are your stress coping strategies? Jacob Devaney has written an excellent article on stress and how it will be effectively released from the body. Devaney’s discussion, however, focused on the biological aspect of stress. Although biology is a  predictor of stress, it is not limited to this realm. Without a doubt, Devaney’s article provides a straightforward and informative discussion.…

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Intimate Relationship

How to Achieve Everlasting Intimate Relationship

On everlasting intimate relationship. How can we achieve an everlasting intimate relationship? This question lingers throughout the ages not because no one provides an answer, but because it is complex. The difficulty in achieving everlasting relationship lies in its process. This is the reason why hundreds if not thousands of divorces happen each year. In fact in America, statistics suggest that…

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