Why Deep Women Struggle for a Perfect Relationship? A Discussion

Do deep women really struggle with a perfect relationship?

Perfect Relationship

The Minds Journal posted an intriguing article entitled, “Why Deep Women Struggle for a Perfect Relationship?” The article discusses why deep women would most likely find it hard to develop or find a perfect relationship.

In the article, “deep women” are defined as females who are the deep thinker – women who love going into the bottom of any perspective. These women would constantly ask the question about the “hows” and “whys” of life.

Thus, the author claims that women who have this kind of personality found difficulties in cultivating the perfect relationship.

However, to my personal view, the article stands on the extreme position about “deep women”. The article seemed to focus solely on the characteristics of deep women, a one-sided claim which in turn reflects gender bias. Here’s my personal take on the article.

Why deep women struggle for a perfect relationship?

The article claims several reasons why deep woman struggle for a perfect relationship.

1. A deep woman is blunt.

The first claim is that a deep woman is pretty straightforward in her words she wants to say.

“Her opinions are unbiased, she is blunt, her words can hurt like a knife with a sharp blade. She is always open to her opinions. She speaks her mind and doesn’t give much importance to the general opinion. Her answers often make people uncomfortable. In the world where everyone likes to hear things short and nice, her answers and her personality do not suit too well for those who like to live in a superficial world.”

To me, if an individual is a deep thinker, s/he is not rude or blunt. I think that the claim is more extreme than it should have been.

Deep thinker people do not hurt or intimidate others. They stand on their ideas but remain considerate to others. Even they have the best idea in the world, they don’t forget that everyone deserves respect.

If we accept the argument, or rather assumption that deep women are indeed blunt, then we lose our sight on the bigger picture. We then find ourselves standing on the hollow and unfounded claim.  Above all, the article is leaning towards gender bias.

2. Deep woman has deeper conversations

Secondly, the article claims that;

“A deep woman asks questions and puts the man in a situation that he is not prepared for. Every time you two are together; she is the one digging deep into the questions about life and everything else which starts from first date itself. She is not someone who dwells in the upper layer; she is someone who resides in deep waters, and men don’t prefer exploring such depths.”

To me, deep women tend not to intimidate men as illustrated in the first sentence of the second claim. Again, I believe that deep woman does not interrogate or intimidate men. They just have that deep love for wisdom that’s why they constantly ask questions. Above all, I think that men can handle such deepness (though not all).

3. A deep woman easily moves on

The last claim is that;

“She doesn’t wait for anyone. Take your time deciding the future of your relationship and you’ll see that she has no patience dealing with it. She won’t wait; she’ll move on. She is strong and invulnerable, and she can be on her own even if she is looking for something special to happen.”

I agree that deep women are strong, but they are not invulnerable. True love has a sting that leaves a little long after breakups.

Indeed, previous studies found that women have better coping abilities than men. But they are not invulnerable. They feel the same pain as common women do.

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