9 Ways to Know if a Person Truly Loves You

No one really knows if a person you love truly loves you in return. This difficulty is generally due to the subjectivity of love. Anyone can say “I Love You.” But how much does s/he love you? Again, there’s no guarantee.


However, there are ways you could use to determine whether or not a person truly loves you back. People who really feel true love have common characteristics and behaviors.

A person truly loves you if;

1. S/he is open to you.

Most people are not comfortable acting grossly with their friends. In most cases, people reserve those types of behavior for their love ones. Why? Because they think that only their loved ones can understand and accept those acts. If a person acts naturally around you, that’s an indication that s/he is comfortable with you. A person who truly loves you does not hesitate to show his/her true colors.

2. S/he is happy being with you.

A person who truly loves you shows happiness even in frustrating times. S/he will not blame or point fingers to others. Instead, s/he finds ways to ease your bad feelings.

3. S/he also feels what you feel.

A person who truly loves you will share your feelings. This means that when you’re upset, s/he will also get upset. In other words, your negative experiences will greatly affect his/her emotions.

4. S/he includes you in future plans.

A person who really cares you also cares your future. The one who loves you pictures his/her future with you. In other words, you are part of his/her world. In contrast, a person who does not really love you will not discuss future plans before you.

5. S/he gives you compliments.

A couple who love each other compliment each other. Of course, not sarcastic compliments. A person who really loves you appreciates everything you do even if you fail. S/he is not focusing on your mistakes but on the intent of your action. Instead of judging you, s/he will ease your pain by making you realize your true potential.

6. S/he missed you when you’re apart.

A person who really loves you does not let time pass without making contact with you. If s/he really cares, s/he will always send you message and call you anytime even during busy hours. Otherwise, s/he does not really love you.

7. S/he values your opinion.

A person who really loves you cares your voice. S/he does not impose rules on you, rather listen to your opinion. S/he will not direct you what to do, rather ask you affirmation. In other words, s/he respects you whatever or whoever you are.

8. S/he will always be there for you.

If a person only shows up in times of comfort and laughter, then s/he might not really love you. A person who really loves you makes sure that s/he will always be with even in difficult times no matter what. It’s unconditional.

9. S/he will always want the best for you.

A person who really loves you allows you to decide freely. S/he will give you quality time and space, respect your priority and passion.

Although it is impossible to gauge true love, there are available ways to determine whether or not a person really loves you. It is my best hope that these nine tips can help you find your true love.

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