9 Activities Towards Personal Development

The personal development activities.

Personal development

We are born with nothing. And I mean every meaning of the word. We were born like a hollow capsule with nothing inside. Thus, as we grow older, we strive to fill that empty side of us. We tend to grasp as much knowledge as we can. That’s why we go to school and learn as many skills as we can.

But the process of transforming ourselves from being a hollow capsule to a knowledgeable one does not start at school. Personal development starts at the very beginning when we got here in this world. From the first time, we stumbled on the ground learning started to take place. And that learning made us better individuals little by little.

But before discussing personal development (self-development), let me define this term first. Personal development is simply the process of improving ourselves to become a better person. This development process is life-long and not limited to the educational contexts. In fact, a person can be personally developed through several methods, programs, tools and techniques in respective organizations.

Personal growth can be attained in several ways. And all of these strategies involve improving several components of self-development. Below are the activities needed to be personally developed.

Personal development activities

Identifying self-potential

Everyone has tremendous potential. However, only a few have realized it. People who have unleashed their potential are self-actualized. For example, Abraham Maslow argued that a person may not be fully happy if his/her potential is not maximized.

People who are self-actualized are the ones who are happy regardless of their socio-economic status. Oftentimes, self-actualized people are people who make a living through their passion. So if you are a person who does what you love, your chances of getting actualized are high.

The key to personal development is knowing one’s passion or skills. This will involve exploring one’s potential. It is not about what ought to do, it is about doing the things you really love doing.

Developing talents

A talent is an umbrella term for numerous abilities a person may possess. However, not all people know their hidden ability. Until, of course, discovered. Not all people are born with a certain ability. But the good thing is that talent can be developed.

Champions in many areas in sports may have had developed themselves to become the best in their fields. Michael Jordan, along with many athletes, are few people who were able to hone their abilities.


Self-awareness is a clear assessment of oneself. It involves one’s own personality, beliefs, motivation, emotional pattern, thoughts and behavioral pattern. Self-awareness allows a person to understand other people too. And the way others may perceive about a person.

Self-awareness is vital in personal developmental because it helps a person to connect to the world effectively.

Improving self-esteem

Self-esteem is an overall evaluation of a person of his/her own self-worth. A person who has high self-concept may not feel inferior. Thus, s/he might possess a positive outlook on life. As a result, s/he may be able to explore life better – become more successful than others.

Developing time management

Time is the most important resource that anyone can possess. In fact, time is more valuable than money. Because you can replace money when lost but not time. Therefore, using it properly is a must. Unfortunately, most people do not use time correctly. This might be the reason why most people are socioeconomically incapable. While people who were able to manage time, become successful in many areas of life.

Developing financial success

Although money is not the center of the entire success, it surely a significant part. Financial success does not really mean that you are overly rich. Instead, it means literacy in handling finances.

Financially successful people learn how to control money instead of money controlling them. In other words, financial success allows a person to make bigger choices that the unsuccessful ones can not.

Meeting aspiration

There’s nothing more rewarding than achieving one’s goal. Fulfilling aspirations signifies that a person’s true self is close to his/her ideal self. In other words, no emotional and psychological discrepancy. As a result, a person may feel better about himself/herself.

Developing or maintaining health

Health does not only refer to physical but also emotional and psychological. While building a healthy body is important, being emotionally and psychologically healthy is necessary. This means involving oneself in physical activities such as regular exercise, staying away from stress and remaining happy.

Maintaining a good health is not easy. But one must strive to achieve it. Because what is the meaning of all successes that a person has if his/her health suffers? So one should put healthy living into consideration.

Developing social capital

Social interaction is a significant component of personal development. Establishing social capital allows a person to connect to the wider world. This does not only develop good communication but also makes a person well-rounded.

A personally well-developed person is someone who has a positive personal outlook on life, to his/her environment, and to the world in general.

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