11 Free Personality Tests That Can Help You Succeed

How do personality tests predict your future?

Personality Tests

Personality tests are far from being perfect. But both clinical and industrial psychologists mostly rely on these tools to assess one’s behavioral tendencies. Why? Because, by far, no better method available to at least understand human innate characteristics. As a result, personality tests are valuable in employee selection and counseling (or psychotherapy) processes.

A personality test can tell you how you react to a given situation. In the hiring process, one of the most useful personality tests is the Big Five Personality Test. This test allows the employer to assess the right person for his/her company.

Like the big five (Five Personality Factors), psychological tests such as psychoanalysis test, Myers-Briggs Test, 16 Personalities test are “humanmetrics” that have different uses depending on the purpose.

Although personality tests are not accurate, using them can help you understand yourself and others more. And the more you know yourself (your goals and passion), the more you’ll likely become successful.

The following personality tests can help you discover your inner self and importantly, make a better decision in your life.

Personality tests that pertain to personality types

If you want to know what type of person you are, consider the following:

1. 16 Personalities

This test will tell you your personality. The 16 personalities scale is subdivided into four major personality types such as Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. Each of these types have distinctive characteristics. For instance, if you an analyst, you are most likely imaginative, innovative, bold and curious. If you are a diplomat, you are most likely quiet, poetic, charismatic and enthusiastic. Sentinels are practical, dedicated, and caring. And if you are an explorer, you might love entrepreneurial challenges and other types of exploration.

2. Test Color

This test simply uses color to assess your personality type. The only thing you need to do in this test is to select your most favorite down to your least favorite color. Your favorite and not favorite colors somehow tell something about your personality.

3. Who Am I

This test is one of the personality quizzes that are fun. In taking this test, you need to pick an image you like the most. Each picture pertains to your perception of the world. So each picture you pick reflects your way of handling and viewing things in your life.

4. Persona Bubble

This test helps you determine your basic characteristics. The result will tell you whether or not you’re a quiet, lively, sensitive, and shy person. In just three steps, you’ll understand yourself better as well as your relationship with other people.

Personality tests that pertain to your intelligence

Intelligence tests are usually expensive. Fortunately, there are free online psychological tests that can assess how smart you are. Consider the following:

5. The Mensa IQ Test

The Mensa IQ Test is not as reliable as other IQ tests. The reason behind is that it has language bias because most questions are for English speaking population. Thus, its purpose is only to provide fun. Nonetheless, it will give you a glimpse of your intellectual ability.

6. My Personality

My Personality is an IQ test that measures different facets of your intelligence such as short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical ability, and spatial recognition. The test does not measure your overall learned skills, but your ability to learn.

Personality tests that pertain to your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is different from intelligence per se. EQ is your tendency to handle your emotions in different situations. In most cases, understanding emotional intelligence is important as understanding intelligence. The higher your emotional intelligence the more capable you are to handle your emotions. Here are some tests that can assess how well are you in handling your emotions.

7. Goleman’s EQ Test

This test will identify your ability to express and control your emotions. It will also show how you perceive and assess other people’s emotions and act base on those assessments.

8. Institute for Health and Human Potential

This test will not only tell you how good you are in controlling your emotions but also suggests how you can improve your EQ.

Personality tests that pertain to your career path

Understanding your strengths can be helpful to succeed in your career. Thus, having insight on your real capability is necessary. To know more about your skills, consider the following:

9. Sokanu Career Assessment

This personality test is an extensive assessment which aims to understand your skills and career interests. The outcome of the test will suggest possible career paths that you might also suit.

10. Skills You Need

This test will assess your listening skills, verbal communication, emotional intelligence and working in groups and teams. These skills are important in attaining success at school, at home, in working places, and in society in general. This test will help you practice and improve the necessary skills.

11. How employable are you actually?

This test is actually administered in the Buzz Feed. The result of this test will help you assess whether or not you’re suited for your current job. Or, suited for the job that you are planning to land.

To conclude, although personality tests are not accurate, they are the best tools available to understand your inner characteristics. Free online personality tests are useful devices to understand ourselves more than ever.

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