Two Personality Traits That Make You Attractive

These personality traits will make you more attractive.

 Personality Traits

Most people chase for attractiveness. Some of us even try to make physical changes through surgery.

Cultures around the world want to look good. However, the view on attractiveness is not clear. No single criterion can be held true to all cultures.

Thus, the concept of beauty is pretty dependent on cultural norms. What is beautiful in western countries may not be true to other cultures.

Some people even believe that beauty cannot be equated with physical looks. But with internal beauty – that is being a good person.

In line with this, a study led by Dr. Gary Lewandowski Jr. found that personality traits, not physical attractiveness, are contributing factors to becoming a better looking.

In the study, Dr. Lewandowski and his team found that positive personality traits such as helpfulness and honesty, make people good looking.

On the other hand, those who have negative personality traits such as rudeness and unfairness were equated as less attractive to many people.

The finding was prominent among women when they evaluate men.

The finding was a reminder that beauty is not always physical in nature. The internal natural beauty also has a bearing.

Dr. Lewandowski believes that:

“Perceiving a person as having a desirable personality makes the person more suitable in general as a close relationship partner of any kind.”

Lewandowski and his colleagues showed random images of people. Then the participants were instructed to rate the attractiveness of the people they had seen in those pictures.

After the participants gave their ratings, the researchers told the participants about the personality traits of those random people.

Then the participants were asked to rate the images again.

The participants’ rating was changed after they got the personality traits information.

The result reminds the researchers (and us) how people easily judge others through physical characteristics. We are automatic “impression givers”.

However, not all first impressions last. In fact, often times, our impressions are wrong.

But the biggest message of the study is that inner beauty can make a personal difference. You don’t have to change your physical appearance just to look good. What you need instead, is honesty and helpfulness.

In his own words, Dr. Lewandowski said:

“This research provides a more positive alternative by reminding people that personality goes a long way toward determining your attractiveness; it can even change people’s impressions of how good looking you are.”

This research is a proof that beauty is a fluid concept. It is subjective and does not carry single meaning.

We are all beautiful in our own way!

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