This Personality Type Suggests You’re Most Likely To Cheat

The personality type that reflects cheating tendency.

 Personality Type

Are you sure that your loved one is loyal to you? How do you know if s/he has the tendency to cheat you?

The latter question was examined by a previous study. Professor Robin Milhausen and his colleagues found that risk takers men are more likely to cheat their partners than their counterparts.

Women, however, would remain loyal to their partners as long as they feel satisfied with their relationship.

Almost one thousand men and women who were involved in an intimate relationship participated in the study.

What makes the study different from other previous studies is that it did not consider the demographic characteristics of the participants.

Rather, it examined what personality factor might link to cheating.

Professor Robin Milhausen further explained:

“Few studies on infidelity have gone beyond exploring demographics.

This research shows that demographic variables may not influence decision-making as much as previously thought – that personality matters more, especially for men.”

But how risk-taking personality type predicts infidelity?

Professor Milhausen explained:

“People might seek out high-risk situations to help them become aroused, or they might choose to have sex with a partner outside of their regular relationship because they feel they have an ‘out’ if the encounter doesn’t go well – they don’t have to see them again.”

However, risk-taking personality type was not found to have predicted infidelity among women.

What predicts cheating among women is relationship satisfaction.

This means that women who are not satisfied with their relationship might cheat their partners.

Professor Milhausen concluded:

“All kinds of things predict infidelity.

What this study says is that when you put all of those things together, for men, personality characters are so strong they bounce everything else out of the model.

For women, in the face of all other variables, it’s still the relationship that is the most important predictor.”

The finding gives us clue what makes men and women commit infidelity.

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