Pets And Mental Health: The Benefits of Rearing Animals

The incredible association between pets and mental health.

Pets And Mental Health

Having pets in your home can be beneficial in many aspects. Several studies had found that domesticating animals can boost mental health.

In fact, a meta-analysis discovered six benefits people can get from having pets.

  1. People who have pets are more calm and supportive.
  2. Pets could tell people whenever they are in a dangerous situation
  3. Pets could divert people’s attention from negative thoughts to positivity.
  4. People could remain active by playing with their pets.
  5. Pets could help people to stay positive.
  6. Pets could provide acceptance or unconditional positive regard.

But what type of animals you want to rear?

Most people prefer dogs. But the research findings found that rearing other animals such as cats have the same benefits.

In illustrating the relationship between pets and mental health, the first author of the study, Dr. Helen Brooks believed that having pets could alleviate mental health problems.

“Our review suggests that pets provide benefits to those with mental health conditions,” said Brooks.

Interacting with pets can eliminate anxiety and stress.

A pet can make the owner happy and motivated.

The association between pets and mental health

Aside from benefits mentioned above, pets have a direct impact on mental health.

1. Pets can curtail depression

Depression, in the simplest sense, is an extreme loneliness. Depressed people need help in tuning their mental focus back to positivity. One of the best ways to boost mental health is rearing pets.

Many people felt like they achieve something significant in their lives when caring their pets. They experience tranquillity and find purpose.

 2. Pets can make you more sociable

Walking dogs, for instance, will lead to conversations. When you are in the park walking with your dogs, you will possibly meet other dog owners. Thus, your chance of getting new acquaintances is high. And having more social interactions and relationships can result in a healthier well-being.

Rearing a pet does not only make you happy but also help protect the animals’ welfare.

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