How Does Physical Exercise Boost Learning

Physical exercise is a secret towards better memory.

Physical Exercise

For decades, studies found several benefits of physical exercise to our body. Most of those findings suggest that daily exercise is helpful for our overall wellness.

However, recently, one study found that physical exercise can boost memory. That’s right. People who take a 5-minute aerobics after learning will be more likely to retain what they have learned afterward than those who did not exercise.

Dr. Steven Most and his colleagues found that exercise help strengthens consolidation.

Consolidation is a phenomenon or the ability of the brain to firmly store the memory after learning.

It is easy to learn something but retaining it in your memory can be hard. But when consolidation is strengthened, the memory will be locked in.

The effect of exercise on memory is new and still, raises questions among researchers. They are not yet certain what factors mediate the effect.

In fact, Dr. Steven Most noted thought that:

“The effect came into play only after participants had studied the material, meaning that it retroactively boosted learning of the material.

But mysteriously, this effect did not emerge among men in any of the experiments.

It’s unclear whether this is a true sex difference or whether there was something about the experiment conditions that allowed the effect to emerge among women and not men.”

Nonetheless, the research conveys new information on the benefits of exercise on memory. If the finding was accurate, then it can be useful to all of us.

Students may no longer spend too much time in reading with little remained to remember afterward.

In addition, Dr. Most believes that exercise is useful in learning environments:

“Some schools are under pressure to cut back on recess in order to increase time in the classroom, but it may be that encouraging physical activity breaks at several points during the day can actually help with the retention of classroom learning.

More research needs to be conducted to conclude that with certainty.

There is also scope for further study to understand how much exercise is optimal, how long before or after learning is most effective, and who benefits most.”

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