Five Quick Steps To Stop Procrastination

How to stop procrastination?


One of the reasons why most people fail in their goals is procrastination. It is hard to stay motivated. In most cases, we delay the work until the deadline is fast approaching.

But delaying a task is an unproductive habit. At school, procrastination hinders students from doing academic tasks.

So how can you stop yourself from procrastinating?

In this article, I outlined five steps to stop procrastination.

1. Focus on the outcome

You will get procrastinated if you are focusing on the difficulty of the task at hand. So instead of complaining about the project, focus on the outcome. How significant is the task? What is the impact if you don’t finish it? The value and significance of the task will determine your willingness to do it.

2. Be realistic

Nothing comes easy. Every goal has its own hurdle. The higher you aim, the bigger the obstacles and the harder your climb. Before starting any project, you need to be realistic. Know the possible hindrances and design a plan how to cope with them.

3. Set a deadline

Whatever you plan to do, set a time duration for it. How long does a project take? Making a time frame allows you to check how much work is done and needed to do. A deadline makes you realize the sense of urgency.

4. Gather the necessary resources

If you know what you are going to do, it is easy for you to estimate the materials you need for a project. Before starting, make sure that you already prepared the necessary materials. The lack of preparation can ignite procrastination.

5. Reward yourself

After completing any task, regardless how small it is, treat yourself. You deserve a celebration or recreation. A reward is one of the most important components of behavioral modification. It motivates you to do more and perform better.

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