Psychological Facts about Human Behavior

The psychological facts about human behavior that you might not know.

Psychological Facts about Human Behavior

Human behavior is more complicated than you think. It is shaped by many instrumental factors that you may not aware of.

If you wonder how and why a person acts as he/she does, today you’ll learn the different factors that affect behavior. Here are the psychological facts about human behavior that you might not know.

1. Hormones drive action

High testosterone level could lead an individual to find pleasure in others’ irritation. Those who have a high level of this hormone tend to enjoy others’ agitation.

2. Low self-esteem people tend to demean others

People who have the lower level of self-esteem engage in a stereotyping act or discrimination. Most of their victims are those who are better than them in a certain aspect of life. Humiliation boosts their self-esteem.

3. The presence of others affect behavior

Someone’s making decision considers the presence of others. In fact, an individual may make favorable or good decision in a group than when no one is around. People being watched tend to behave accordingly.

4. Rationalization shapes behavior

People who committed undesirable acts tend to reshape moral standards. A robber, for instance, may perceive that stealing is good.

5. Attractiveness mislead people

In most cases, we perceive someone who looks attractive and honest as trustworthy and sincere. While in fact, in some instances, the contrary is true. Appearance plays an important role in behavior.

6. Success can make you look more intelligent

Successful people are mostly considered as intelligent.

7. Hardship makes people lazy

Most people who face hard challenges tend to do nothing. This may be the reason why most people are not successful.

These psychological facts about human behavior affect almost all of us. These concepts may have no significant effect on your life. But in extreme cases, they shape your attitude and behavior.