7 Psychological Facts about Love And Crushes

Love is a wonderful experience. It changes an individual’s perception, action, and his/her total being.

The adolescents who have crushes are already familiar with this amazing unexplainable feeling.

Needless to say that an in loved person experiences dramatic emotional surges. But what is interesting is how love affects every aspect of a person.

In this post, I will share with you the psychological facts about love and crushes you might not know.

1. Love changes the pupils of your eyes

Most people don’t realize it. When you’re in loved or facing a person you have a crush on, the pupils of your eyes dilate. This is not common in casual or normal encounters with people whom you have no intimate interest.

2. Love triggers the release of special hormones

Plants communicate with chemicals known as the fragrance. But do you know that when you’re in love, your body also releases hormones to connect with the opposite sex? This means that love can really be in the air.

3. Love is a chemical

The common belief is that love resides in the heart. But this is not true. The truth is that love is the outcome of the biological process. Some of the chemicals that are said to be influential on this feeling are oxytocin and dopamine. Both can be generally found in the brain.

4. Love changes the biological processes

When you’re in love, your heart rate increases. You’ll be excited. Your sweat glands release more hormones than ever. You feel more energetic. All of these are the effect of the high level of dopamine.

5. Love can be addictive

Once love dictates you, it would not be easy to stop. You tend to crave for more and want more. It is pretty much like a drug.

6. People who share the same values tend to fall in love with each other

Studies on love and attraction reveal that people who share the same views and values tend to fall with each other.

7. Love impairs reasoning

People say that love is blind. There’s a degree of truth to this. Love impairs the brain’s ability to do critical thinking. As a result, a loved individual tends to have a biased assessment of the person with whom he/she is in love.

These psychological facts about love and crushes clearly show why people who are in love changed. This amazing feeling can change anyone. It can change the world.