6 Psychological Facts About Love You Should Know

The magical psychological facts about love that you should know.

Psychological Facts

Love may be the fascinating feeling you can experience in your entire life. However, not all of those who experience love succeed.

In fact, a failing relationship can cause serious problems. In extreme cases, some people’s lives were ruined after a painful breakup.

But how love really affects your life? The answer to this question may lie in understanding the psychological facts about love.

Here are the psychological facts about love that you might not know:

1. It takes 4 minutes to fall in love

You may already hear it “Love at the First Sight.” This cliché is actually true. Falling in love with someone would only take a few minutes.

A research study conducted at the University of London found the salient neural activity in the brain. Neural connections that are responsible for creating social judgment are suppressed when talking with the loved ones.

This may imply that your biological process may be different when you’re in love.

The first few minutes of interaction can be crucial in finding whether or not you like the person you interact with.

2. Gazing makes the lovers’ heartbeat synchronize

When you and your loved one gaze each other, your heart beats will synchronize. This may sound a joke but it actually a scientific fact.

Researchers found that when lovers gaze each other’s eyes, their hearts behave similarly for three minutes.

Thus, some experts believe that a painful experience during a relationship breakup is actually is as bad as a physical injury.

3. Cuddling releases endorphins

Endorphins are natural painkillers. It is a painkiller that allows your body to regulate the intensity of the pain you feel.

But do you know that embracing your loved one will actually trigger the release of oxytocin hormone?

Oxytocin is also called the love hormone. This means that an in loved person has a lot of it. It usually found in the brain, ovaries, and testicles.

Oxytocin can reduce headaches. Thus, it can be reasonable to think that hugging your loved one will boost your physical health.

4. Being in love can make you creative and smart

An intimate relationship which involves devotion, intimacy, commitment can make a person more creative.

5. Looking at the picture of your loved one can relieve physical pain

The presence of your significant others can ease your painful experience. The positive effect also found even in an indirect presence of significant others.

One study found that looking at a picture of a loved one reduces physical pain experienced by the participants.

6. Similarity does not guarantee long-lasting relationship

Most of the time people tend to find similar others. However, a research suggests that couples who are too similar to each other are more likely to experience a breakup.

Which of these psychological facts about love is true to you? Leave a comment below.