7 Psychological Hacks That Will Help You Win

What psychological hacks that can help you win in social situations?

Psychological Hacks

Have you wondered why some politicians win while others lose? Why are some people very good at selling products while others struggle?

These questions might not be significant to us. But when we look at our daily social interactions, you will see that psychology is working.

The winning and losing among politicians and salespersons is not a game of chance. Psychology plays the biggest role. Thus, understanding how psychological concepts work can greatly help you win in social interactions.

The internet is full of psychological hacks and tricks. But not all of those tricks are true. In this article, I’ll give you some useful tricks that are backed up by research.

The following psychological hacks can help you gain more advantage in any given social situation.

1. The power of silence and eye contact. 

If you are unsatisfied with the answer that someone gave to you, stop talking and look him or her in the eye. S/he will be forced to talk and explain further. In this way, you’ll gain more information without requiring him/her to.

2. Yawning is identifying.

Have you experienced the feeling of being watched? Did you know who was looking at you? If you want to know, here’s a powerful trick: yawn and look around. A person who is also yawning is the person who was looking at you.

3.  Talking is more powerful than a request.

Sometimes people seem to be indifferent to your current situation. I’ll give you an example. Suppose you are walking with your friends carrying several bags of groceries but nobody gives a hand. If this happens, keep talking and hand them the bags. They will accept the bag without question.

4. Your feet reflect your thoughts.

When you are talking to someone, observe his/her feet. If his/her feet are pointing towards you, s/he is interested in you or in your ideas.

5. Negative thoughts are trash.

If you feel bad due to frustration, stress, burnout, or relationship break up, write your negative emotion on a piece of paper. Then throw the paper in a trash can. This will significantly change your mood.

6. A simple smile makes you more attractive.

A smile will not only change your mood, it can also give you more advantage in social situations. Because when you smile, you become more attractive. This is the reason why salespersons always wear a smile to look appealing to their clients.

7. People do the opposite.

It is interesting to know how people respond to some instructions. For instance, if you want a child to stop crying, don’t instruct him/her to stop. It only makes the child cry more. Instead, instruct him/her to “not to stop.” Guess what, the child will immediately stop crying.

Adults behave the same way too. Disagree? Try this instruction: Don’t think about your first love.

Haven’t you?

Winning social situations can be easy if you use psychological concepts effectively. With sufficient practice, these psychological hacks allow you to gain an advantage in your business or in your life in general.

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