8 Psychological Strategies To Attract A Girl

What psychological strategies you could use to make a girl to like you?
Psychological StrategiesLiking is a natural process. Oftentimes you don’t notice it until you totally fell in love with a girl. In most cases, we have no idea why we feel that special feeling towards someone. This leads to speculations. Nonetheless, good looks and social status are often the common denominators of liking.

However, there are ways to attract someone (especially girls). And these techniques do not require hard work and money. It’s simple as changing clothes.

These tricks can increase your chances of getting noticed by the girl you desperately dream of. Although it sounds black magic or cheating, these strategies are not manipulative. It’s pure psychology.

8 psychological strategies to attract a girl

1. Wear red clothes

Attracting someone is as simple as deciding to wear clothes. And those clothes must be red. Scientific studies found that people who wear red are more attractive than those who aren’t. This observation led to the conclusion that red color is related to sexual energy.

2. Call her by her name

It feels better when people call us by our name. This is the reason why the first rule in social relationships is to call everyone by his/her name. So if you are requesting a girl to go with you for a date, don’t forget to call her by her name. And notice how will she respond to you.

3. The power of mimicry

Mimicry is one of the most influential psychological strategies to get people noticed you. It sounds odd but scientific studies have proven it. If you do what other people do, it will increase your chance of becoming favorable. Why? Because they think you are like them (you’re on the same page).

How will you do this? It’s simple. If a girl before you scratch her neck, scratch yours. If she checks her watch, check yours. Keep it that way during the whole conversation and you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

4. Be closer to her

The psychological research found that proximity is an essential ingredient of attraction. This means that the more you are close to the girl you like (or someone else), the higher your chances of getting her attention.

5. Be in a group

In psychology, there is a psychological phenomenon that is said to be powerful in shaping people perception. It is called the cheerleader effect. According to this phenomenon, individuals become more attractive when they are in a group than they are alone. So hanging with friends is essential in making yourself attractive.

6. Use reverse psychology

Reverse psychology happens when you say a total opposite of what you intend to happen. This technique is proven many times. So if you want a girl to be attracted to you, tell her to not fall in love with you. It sounds nonsense and hilarious, but it’s true.

7. Bring a dog

Whenever you stroll in a park bring your puppy with you. Why? Psychological research shows that men with dogs are found to be attractive. The reason behind this is that people tend to perceive that you are caring and approachable if you have a dog. It also gives an impression that you can take care of an intimate relationship.

8. Match her walking pace

Although this is an example of mimicry, more researchers become interested in how “in tune” pacing reflects people relationship. Research had found that people with relationship walk at the same pace. So establish your connection with her by matching her pace while walking.

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