13 Psychological Tricks That Will Make You Powerful

How psychological tricks make you successful?

Psychological Tricks

The Internet offers you millions of amateur psychology tips. But not all of them have scientific origins. However, our daily experiences might be enough to uncover the basic psychological and sociological truths.

Basic knowledge of psychology is important to achieve success. This is the reason why some people are far more successful than others. Do you think it is an accident? No. Successful people are able to exploit the human psychological weakness.

To do the same, you must also know the basic concept of human behavior and how psychology works. The more you know the forces that change your behavior, it will be easier for you to make some impact.

However, the purpose of the following psychological tricks is not to manipulate others. Rather, it aims to give you hint on how, when, and where you are most vulnerable psychologically.

But, yes. You can use these tricks to earn more friends, fame, money, and relationship.

Here are the psychological tricks and hacks that will make you powerful.

1. Give a gift

Yes. If you want to change other people’s behavior towards you (in a positive way) offer something for free. Don’t worry it does not necessarily expensive. In fact, numerous studies found that even small gifts can make a significant impact on people’s behavior towards someone. For instance, if you give a little gift to someone who doesn’t like you much, s/he may find you desirable.

2. Use passive voice

In research writing, passive voice can be lousy and inappropriate. But in social interaction, being passive can help a lot to maintain cohesiveness and rapport. Thus, instead of saying, “You did not send me the book,” say, “The book wasn’t sent.”

Notice the difference between the two sentences. The first one sounds like a blame, while the second one focuses on the object (book), not on the person.

In this way, you can avoid confrontation and conflict.

3. The power of ten minutes

If you feel procrastinated, it’s okay. Just spend your next 10 minutes on your project. The trick here is not to prolong procrastination, but to really start the process. Because, most of the time, the biggest challenge is to start doing.

4. Confidence

If you are going to examine how successful people act or behave in public, you’ll notice one thing common to them. It’s self-confidence. Successful people are confident in their words and postures. As a result, most people will believe in them than those who are less confident.

5. The fear of loss

Most people afraid of loss. This is the reason why most people are afraid to take risks. But this principle is powerful in some situations, especially in business. People are willing to give up a big sum of money just to keep something. One example is the movie “2012” where billionaires spend billions of dollars just to buy seats on the ship. Ads on TV and other media also use this trick.

6. The power of silence

If you are talking to someone, silence can be awkward. That’s why you feel the urge to fill that wordless moment. But silence can be a powerful tool to make someone reveal something. Studies show that silence forces someone you are talking to reveal more important information without asking him or her to talk. So just listen and let the person in front of you does the talking.

7. Give a favor

Just like giving a gift, giving favor (even small) can change someone’s perception of you. You may look desirable, more approachable and helpful than ever.

8. Agreement

Exerting your point in the middle of a heated conversation can be more tricky than in normal situation. One of the most effective psychological tricks that you can use is an agreement technique.

How does it work? In a situation wherein you want to stand on your ideas but don’t want to ignite another confrontation, just identify a point that you agreed. From that point, try to build your argument with a little or smooth swift of an idea. For example, you can start by saying, “I agree with you on that point, but…”

This will make your point soft but profound.

9. Admit your mistakes

Admitting and fixing your own mess can be helpful in building good self-image to others. People who admit their mistakes are mostly considered as honest and trustworthy.

10. Being neutral

Being neutral means that you are open to both sides of the argument. The good thing about this is that people will start thinking you as reliable and trustworthy.

11. Take the secondary point

If you propose something, especially if it’s big, chances are people will criticize you based on value, expenses, and other factors. For instance, if you are proposing for a multimillion-dollar drug experiment for depression treatment, expect more questions than favorable comments.

But you can win by arguing the secondary point. In this case, instead of focusing on your main point which is the drug, you can focus on the benefits of the drugs for the general population.

When you do that, the next conversation will be whether or not a drug is helpful as if the drug already exists.

12. Bite a pen or pencil

If you feel sad and unmotivated, just bite a pen. This is one of the most useful psychological tricks. Why? Because when you bite a pen, it makes your smile. Fortunately, even a fake smile can dramatically change your emotion.

13. Call everyone by his or her name

Calling people by their name can make them like you instantly.

So what works for you? What psychological tricks you commonly use in your daily experience? Leave your thoughts below.

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