Psychology Facts about Guys in Love

Love does many things to any person who feels it. It changes our behavior and our perception of the world itself. It could even tame a raging heart.

People who fell in love behave and think differently. Such changes are prominent both in cognitive and behavioral level. In fact, neuroscientists notice salient activities in different brain regions of a person who is in love. This impact of love on the neural level only discovered through the aid of brain scans.

Falling in love is associated with the increasing level of dopamine which results in an increased level of happiness. But the effect of love can be different for everyone. This difference is great between men and women. Both the social and chemical factors may have been playing important roles.

Although the psychology of love on both men and women are worth to be discussed, in this post, I will only focus on males. Thus, the following psychology facts about love only pertain to men. Here are the effects of love on men’s brains.

The psychology facts about guys in love

As the scientific evidence suggests, men in love will likely:

1. Feel less pain

It stuns scientists when they discovered that men who are in love feel less pain. Dr. Jarred Younger, a neuroscientist and associate professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham noted, Love is so powerful that in laboratory tests it reduces pain by half.

But how love makes men resistant to pain? It does so by sending messages down to the spinal cord to block the pain messages before they reach the brain, Younger further explained.

2. Love changes men’s behavior

Love changes one’s behavior, especially for men. It changes how they act and decide on the daily basis. The effect is most beneficial. For instance, Professor Younger also found that a romantic relationship could deteriorate men’s smoking behavior.

According to the researcher, falling in love changes the number of neurotransmitters in the brain. These chemical changes will lead to behavioral changes too resulting in the development of a new set of positive behaviors such as quitting smoking and drug use among men.

If you notice these behavioral changes in one of your male friends, you may have a good hunch that he is in love.

3. Men tend to stare at their partner’s eyes

Men who are in love tend to stare at their partner’s eyes more often. Why? Because they perceive their partner as the sexiest and the most beautiful woman in the world. This behavior is another result of hormonal changes that happen in the brain of men who fell in love.

Professor Younger, in his paper, explains, In men, oxytocin (a type of hormone) released in the brain during a new relationship makes them see their (female) partner as more attractive and desirable than other women.

4. They shift their focus on small details

We don’t pay attention to small and common things around us. But men who are in love tend to be attentive to small stimuli around them that they did not normally do before. They become sensitive to little changes in their environment including the way they speak and their hygiene.

5. Men become mentally preoccupied with someone they love

Men who are in love tend to think of their partner all day long. They are mentally preoccupied with their partner. Everything will just become a background. Because their mind is busy thinking about someone they love, they tend to be indifferent to other less significant things. But they are unaware of such changes in their behavior.

6. Men become more caring for their partner

Men who are in love tend to be more kind and caring especially to their partner. They are gentler than ever. They are more aware of their behavior especially when speaking to their loved ones. They become more careful not to say something that could hurt others. And more importantly, they care about their loved ones feeling.

7. They become more willing to compromise

Negotiation does not only happen in the business world. It also important if not more important in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, to compromise something can be hard. However, men who are in love are more willing to compromise than anybody. They tend to sacrifice their personal wants just to make their partners happier.


Love is a powerful and probably the most magical thing that one can experience. When it strikes, it can change a person’s behavioral and cognitive patterns. These psychology facts about guys in love may be consistent across cultures. There might be one truth; men who fell in love become better individuals.