Psychology Tricks To Get Someone To Like You

The psychology tricks to get someone to like you.

Psychology Tricks to get someone to Like You

Getting someone to like you can be hard. This is not only the challenge in courtship but also in business. If you don’t get people to at least pay attention to what you are saying you basically have no business.

Really, how to get someone to like you? You might have heard speculations on this matter. But not all of them are true.

However, scientific studies have found the powerful psychology tricks to make someone to like you. Scientists have spent a remarkable amount of time to unlock the mystery of human interaction. At last, they found that keys.

In this post, I will share with you some of the most fascinating scientific evidence. Learn each one of them and become the master of over your relationship or business.

1. Mimic the person’s action

This may sound awkward but this is a scientifically proven effective trick to get someone to like you. This technique is commonly known as mirroring because you basically mimic the person’s actions. You copy the body movement, facial expressions, and gestures.

The effectiveness of this technique was found in 1999 by the New York University Researchers. The researchers studied the “chameleon effect” which tends to occur when you copy other’s behavior. And that simple copying may result in liking.

The researchers paired the participants with the Confederates. The Confederates were instructed to mimic or not to mimic the participants. Everything that happened inside the laboratory was recorded.

The finding suggests that the participants had liked the confederates if the Confederates did mimic the participants’ body language, gestures, and facial expressions.

2. Spend more time with someone you wish to like you

Spending time with other people will not only make you happier but also gives you a chance to have more friends. Psychologists at the University of Pittsburgh actually attest to this phenomenon.

Four females were instructed to pose themselves in a psychology class. The number of times these girls had in class significantly differ from one another. The results suggest that those girls who show themselves more often were more attractive to male students. The result was due to the length of time spent in the class. So the length of proximity could predict likability.

3. Compliment others

The phenomenon called the spontaneous trait transference happens when you compliment others. People are more likely to associate your personality with the description you give to them.

The adjectives you use to describe others will influence how others will assess your personality. This means that if you describe people as good, they will describe you that way too. But if you demean other people, they will associate you with that behavior. In other words, what you do to others, others will do it unto you.

4. Wear a smile

This is one of the most powerful psychology tricks to get someone to like you. Emotional cues are contagious. In many studies, researchers found that a stressed person can make others stressed too. In contrast, at least two papers from the Ohio University and the University of Hawaii suggest that if you are showing happy emotions, the people around you can feel those emotions and become happy too.

The reason behind this phenomenon is that we unconsciously mirroring the behaviors of other people. The only question is what kind of emotions you mirror from other people.

Wearing a smile is a starting point to make someone to like you. Why? Because it is easy to communicate with others when you are happy. Such positive emotion will greatly affect the negotiation process and even in the courtship situations.

5. The power of being warm and competent

Being warm and competent are two significant determinants of success in social situations. Experts in psychology at Princeton University believe that we judge others based on our perceived warmth and competence of them.

Being warmth means that you are friendly and do not show competitiveness. This is a very important step to make people trust you.

Being competitive, like having high educational attainment or economic status, make people more likely to respect you.

This technique is more powerful if you show yourself as being warmth and then competent later. What this means is that you should establish trust first. And, consequently, show people that you are a competitive person.

6. Show your imperfections

Are you worried about your mistakes you’ve just committed? You shouldn’t be. Accepting your own mistakes can actually do well to you. It will make you more likable. This is explained by the pratfall effect. Accepting your weaknesses makes people perceive you as relatable.

The researcher Elliot Aronson discovered the pratfall effect. Interestingly, the acceptance of one’s shortcomings could increase her/his likability. It outdoes the cognitive ability in some instances.

7. Highlight your shared values

The researcher Theodor Newcomb found that people are attracted to those who are similar to them. This phenomenon is commonly known as the similarity-attraction effect. Newcomb found in his studies that even strangers would like their fellow strangers if they share the same values.

If you want to make friends more easily, emphasize your shared values. This may be the fastest way to make others like you.

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