5 Useful Psychology Tricks That You Should Know

What psychology tricks do you know?

Psychology Tricks

What shapes social interaction is psychology. It is a force that serves the most for those who know how to use it.

So if you know the basic psychology tricks, you will most likely win in social interactions.

Here are some of the psychology tricks you can use to boost your social advantage.

1. Let people talk.

This is a standard law enforcement agencies interview technique to apprehend criminals. The more you talk, the more you expose yourself (secrets) to others. In fact, your words are perfect reflections of your own personality and upbringing.

2. Repeat the last thing that someone says.

This is one of the psychology tricks that dictates someone to talk further. If you want to hear more, “repeat the last thing someone says and let it hang in the air.”

3. Utilize the magic of authority bias.

Unconsciously, you tend to believe in someone who looks like an authority figure. This is the reason why big companies use models and celebrities to promote their products. Mostly, people don’t criticise information; they just follow it blindly.

So if you want to look like an intelligent person, bring a book.

4. Don’t ask for help, ask for suggestion instead.

Have you experienced being turned down by other people after asking for a help? Me too. What happened? It’s not because others don’t really like to help. The bigger part of it is the way you approach them.

When asking for a help, big or small, don’t say “Can you help me? Or “What can you do for me?” These questions reduce your chances of getting any help. One of the psychology tricks you can use in this situation is asking for a suggestion.

Instead of directly asking for a help, say “What do you suggest?” Doing this will make others believe that they are somewhat wiser and more intelligent than you. Then, people will be more willing to give you what you want.

5. When approaching someone, start with “I’m so sorry to bother you.”

Doing this will make someone think that you value his/her time. And people will love for being a considerate person. As a result, they will more likely to entertain you than turning your presence down.

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