How Extreme Parenting Develops A Psychopath?

It is a question, or rather an argument whether or not psychopathy is genetically developed. Psychopaths, however, as most scholars believe, are made by several factors.

A psychopath is a person who suffers from a mental disorder that is characterized by violent social behavior and lack of empathy.

What made a psychopath?

Beyond genetics and social factors, recent studies have found some often neglected factors that directly linked to psychopathy.  For example, Dr. Aina Gullhaugen found that two extreme parenting styles have a direct relationship with psychopathy or sociopathy. Such parenting styles are neglectful and authoritarian.

Neglectful parenting is characterized by little or no parental emotional involvement towards a child. Although neglectful parents provide the needs of their children, they are often indifferent and dismissive.

Neglectful parents are:

  • Emotionally indifferent to their children
  • Not monitoring their children’s activities
  • Not warmth, and loving
  • Indifferent to school activities of their children
  • Avoidant of their children
  • Preoccupied with their own problems

Authoritarian parenting, on the other hand, is characterized by extreme rules that parents impose on their children. As a result, authoritarian parents use punishment as sanctions for children’s mistakes. They don’t want to be questioned on their rules and governance.

Authoritarian parents are:

  • Strict in their rules
  • Have high expectations of their children
  • Very demanding
  • Unresponsive
  • Not expressive of their love
  • Not forgiving

Both of these parenting styles have a negative impact on children’s emotional and psychological development. The common denominator is the absence of care that may result to internalizing or externalizing behaviors among children.

The latter study discovered that criminal psychopaths had undesirable childhood memories. Most of them experienced physical and psychological abuse.

Dr. Aina Gullhaugen believed that psychopaths were physically injured in the hands of their caregivers during childhood. Because of such experience, a psychopath may attempt to resolve the past in a very inappropriate and damaging way.

The psychopath participants of Dr. Gullhaugen were the victims of both extremely controlling and neglectful parents. The finding suggests that not all of our traits are inherited. Thus, we should consider other factors to bring a more accurate and reliable judgment.

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