4 Qualities Of Good Parents: Parenting Tips

What are the qualities of good parents?

Qualities Of Good Parents

The family is the first environment that children first know. It is a little community where children start to learn certain behavior and attitude. Yet, this small community is one if not the most influential factor of children’s behavioral development.

Parenting styles at home would greatly affect children’s way of relating to the bigger society. There are many parenting styles, but generally, there are two major types; positive and negative.

What makes a good or a bad parenting style is the outcome. Good parenting styles mold children to be a good-natured individual. In contrast, bad parenting instills an undesirable pattern of behavior in children.

If you are a parent, you want the best for your children. You may be wondering how to make a positive difference in your children’s life. You may want to know the qualities of good parents.

In this post, I will share with you some of the best qualities of good parents. I hope this will help you in guiding your children. So let’s dig in.

A good parent sets a good example

One of the qualities of good parents is setting an example for their children. Children will not be able to understand you if you use harsh punishment. Children are children. They love exploring the world. Curiosity drives them to try and test things around them. It is normal for them to get messy. Scolding them every time they make a mess will actually hinder them to develop autonomy. Instead, the best practice is to set yourself an example for them. If you want them to do something, do it first. Children mimic what older ones are doing. So if you set a good example, it is most likely that they follow you. No need for harsh or physical punishment.

Always use affirmative words

As a parent, every word you say matters. Words have a great impact on their emotional and behavioral development. Your word can boost their self-esteem or demoralize them. In fact, words cut deeper wounds than physical punishment. This is because negative words could linger and penetrate into the child’s inner feeling. Physical punishment does not.

A good parent praises his/her child every desirable behavior a child does. Positive words reinforce a good behavior leading that behavior to reoccur in the future. This means that a praised child may continue to perform a positive act over and over again because of his/her parent’s positive appraisal.

Affirmative words do not only inspire children but also allow them to develop trust in you. And trust will strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Make a loving environment

Home is the first environment that a child encounters. It is in that environment that defines a child’s impression of the world. And the best home is the one that is built with love. Love promotes happiness, satisfaction, and positive upbringing.

One of the qualities of good parents is giving love to their children. They start their day with the act of love. Hug and kiss your kids before you go to work. Look into their eyes as you talk to them. This will keep the positive environment throughout the day.

Spend quality time with the kids

You may be busy all day at your job. But that’s not an excuse not to give quality time for your kids. No matter how tired you are from work, just give a little time for them. A 15-minute of play can be enough to make the great positive impact in your parental relationship.

The biggest mistake that a parent can make is encouraging their kids to watch TV after a dinner instead of talking together. Unfortunately, most parents nowadays just allow their kids to play the gadgets even at the dinner table. In most instances, technology kills the parent-child conversation.

The lack of conversation creates a gap between you and your children. The conversational gap will create more problem later on. So, provide quality time for your kids.

Set realistic expectations

The biggest mistake you can make as a parent is trying to control your kids’ lives. Or, confine in your rigid standard. You have to remember that your job is only to guide them not to direct their entire life. Do not expect that everyone will go into the path you want for them. They have unique strengths and weaknesses. They deserve respect. So don’t expect too much. Let them decide for their own destiny.

I hope that these qualities of good parents will help you to become an effective and fair parent to your kids. With love and care, your children will grow into successful and happy individuals.