8 Reasons to Be Happy Even In Bad Life Situations

Whoever you are, you have the reasons to be happy.

Reasons to Be Happy

Many people think that we are in a very chaotic era. Killings, discrimination, and human rights violations are pretty rampant.

However, research shows that we are, in fact, living in the quietest and organized world today compared to the past hundred years.

Ironic right? So what happens to our common perception?

The truth is that we are affected or influenced by our own cognitive bias. We see our reality the wrong way.

Most of the time our perception drives our beliefs and actions. If we see the world as a chaotic place to live, we feel hopeless and sad.

Happiness may be hard to achieve. This may also the reason why the rate of depression anxiety is increasing.

However, the truth is that we can live a happy life. Yes, you read it right.

Happiness does not rely so much on your reality. Rather, it is dependent on your choices.

We can find people who have almost nothing but they are happy. In contrast, we can also find people who have millions who are depressed.

Really, happiness has nothing to do with possessions. That means that we can all be happy if only we decide to. Forget what happened yesterday. The only thing that matters now is the present.

The present is the only real gift we have.

The other result of cognitive bias is when we think that our past dictates our present. Well, the past might have a certain impact on your life now, but the present is the part of your existence that you have some control over.

The reality is, you can’t reverse time. You can’t go back and re-do what was undesirable. It’s just a waste of time and energy trying to cling to the past.

But guess what, you can live a happy life now regardless of your past. You have the reasons to be happy. These may be some of the reasons for happiness:

1. Cherish the time while you can

You may be working 40 hours a week or more in a very stressful job. Or, if you are a student, you might also feel the same stress due to school activities. Your energy had drained when you got home. As a result, you might not have enough time to spend with your loved ones.

However, when you focus on your negative experience, you’ll feel more stressed. It does not resonate the real meaning of life.

Life is meant to be happy. That’s why you need to detach yourself from that toxic job, boss, or teacher.

Find your time to enjoy the moment. When you got home, leave the burden on your doorstep. Talk and laugh with your loved ones or play with your pets. Just find the reasons to be happy.

Free yourself from any form of distraction. A free time is more important than money. One study found that time is what causing happiness. People who have more free time are happier than those who have more money.

2. You have something great to you, be grateful

You tend to have a dream about success and happiness several years from now. But in this process, you may also neglect your real possessions. You already have something that ought to be celebrated. Be grateful. Your goals in the future are far from your reach. In other words, you are not certain whether or not you can attain those goals.

Most people are stressing themselves with so many expectations about their future plans. But the sad thing is that most of them don’t have time to appreciate what they already have.

Happiness is not about how much you have, but how contented you are in what you have.

3. If you have reasons to be happy now, you have a bright future

The study of Dr. Dacher Keltner of the University of California found that happiness predicts success in the future. Those who were happy tend to have successful marriages, careers, and well-being.

This is not surprising. In fact, positive psychology (a branch of psychology) claims that happiness can have several benefits in many areas of human’s life.

Making yourself happy does not cost you a dime. You just need to look around and find something that owes appreciation. It could be an art, a poem, your friends and loved ones, etc.

Focus on what makes you happy rather than occupying yourself with negative imaginings.

People who focus on negative events in their lives are not only lonely but also have poor mental and physical health.

4. Optimism can be one of your reasons to be happy

Optimism is a big part in attaining your goals. Not all things work according to plan. Some of your goals may fail. But it should not stop you from reaching where you want to go in life.

People who are not optimistic might quit their journey soon enough. They don’t realize that success is not always a straight line.

But the people who are optimistic will always reach the finish line.

If you have enough optimism, you are always close to your goals. So don’t worry about the turn of events. Just stay happy. Because sooner or later, you’ll succeed.

5. If you can consistently happy, be the one

Happiness is one of the most controversial concepts in psychology. Some experts believe that happiness is fluid. Meaning, you can’t hold it forever.

So it is impossible to be happy all the time.

Of course, not all events in your life are desirable. Some are devastating which can potentially hurt your feelings.

But through practice, you’ll be able to control your emotions. Remember that happiness heavily depends on your way of perceiving things.

The key thing here is to focus on positive emotions. No matter how bad a situation is, believe it or not, there’s always a space for happiness.

You can be happy all the time if you choose to.

6. Don’t worry, today is the day you can shine

No matter how bad your yesterday was, today is a whole new day. Your “now” is a great opportunity to steer the boat. You can make a better version of yourself now. You are still fortunate to be here. So don’t look back. Sail on. The sea is vast and there are so many adventures you can make today.

The biggest mistake of most people is that they confined themselves in their past. As a result, they often miss the opportunity to become happy.

But you can take another path by broadening your mind. Find your reasons to be happy.

7. You are powerful enough to be a person you want to be

You may be thinking that you are vulnerable, powerless, small, and have no right to be happy. Well, you’re wrong.

Like anybody else, you have the same right to achieve things you want. The only thing that you can’t control is the sun, the rain, and the wind.

But the rest falls in your hands. You can choose where you want to be, choose a person to be with for the rest of your life, and decide what your life will look like several years from now.

Most people forget how powerful they are. Thus, they end up complaining -always.

Life is unfair. You should know that. But you should not be depressed about it. You can affect change on your own. Adapt and learn to be happy all the time.

8. Choosing to be happy can have an impact on other people’s lives

It is amazing to live a happy life. More than that, your smile will also amaze those people around you.

Happiness is like physical disease – it is contagious. If you are happy all the time, people around will be affected. They too will wear a smile on their faces.

So being happy is a great help for others. The good thing about this is that the more you help others, the more you become happy. And the chain effect will go on.

Here you are, at the end of this post. Have you found your reasons to be happy? I hope so. And I also hope that you come up with some realizations in your life now.

I would like to end this article by saying that you have all the power in the universe to change or control your life. You can be happy anytime or all the time if you want to. All you need to do is to choose. Choose your emotions and future.

Be proud of who you are. Remember that happiness is not about how much you have but how much you value what you have.

Be willing to be happy. And be willing to commit to that happiness.  A bright future is waiting for you!

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