Recovering From A Breakup: 4 Things You Can Do

Recovering from a breakup is not really hard.

Recovering From A Breakup

No doubt that an intimate relationship can give us joy. When you’re in love, you experience an amazing feeling of happiness and contentment. Because love works this way. It makes us a good person.

However, not all intimate relationships last. Some split.

Some people say that love hurts. But it’s not really the love that hurts, it’s the breakup.

Recovering from a breakup may be the hardest thing to do. In fact, some death incidents were attributed to breakups.

But a broken relationship shouldn’t ruin your life. Your previous relationship is not the whole picture of your life. It was just a tiny piece of it.

Many people had experienced breakup before and recovered. If you believe that experience makes you smarter, consider the advice from people who had experienced the same pain.

Recovering from a breakup tips

  1. “Take the time and energy you would usually spend on your relationship and pour it into things you love (i.e. friends, hobbies). Don’t forget the basics: drink lots of water, sleep 8 hours, and exercise. Take care of yourself and the healing will go faster.” – AdmiralMullen

2. “Accept the break up as a part of life and allow time to heal everything. Shift your focus and stop thinking about too much. No need to analyze the breakup and who did what. Just go with the flow of time and give yourself a lot of time to be ready for another relationship. You need at least 2-3 weeks to get back to the normal life so remember patience is the key. Cut off all the contact with him and do things in which you feel happy.” – 8530683641

3. “Keep yourself busy with social interactions. Start a new hobby or revisit an old one that you enjoyed. Use whatever support network you have to keep you out and about and get your mind distracted from the breakup. Having a full life will mean less time to wallow.” – maystery

4. “Instead of focusing on revenge, allow yourself to sit with the hurt. Don’t ignore it or try to push it away. Oh, it won’t be fun. Letting yourself sit with the hurt, well, it hurts. But ignoring it actually increases its power and it grows.” – Amelia Kegley

Here’s what I can say…

A breakup is a painful experience. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it except letting go. It’s like being drunk, it can’t be fixed by drinking coffee or by taking a bath. The only thing that can fix it is time.

When time passes, pain fades away. Then everything will be okay.

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