11 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress And Remain Healthy

How stress formed?


Stress is a product of your daily activity. Whether you’re a student, an ordinary employee, or someone who runs a company, you become stressed at some point. In fact, all of us, including me, are vulnerable to stress.

There are many sources of stress. It could be your job, your life’s circumstance and excessive worry about the unknown. Take the following examples.

Your job can stressful if:

  • You are not happy what you are doing
  • Your boss gave you an overwhelming work
  • Your boss gives you a short period of time to finish the task
  • You work with almost no break to beat the deadline
  • You’re not sure about your future in the current job
  • You feel that you have no voice in the decision-making process
  • You present a report before your officemates
  • Receive demeaning comments from your boss or colleagues

Life can make you stressed due to:

  • Death of family member(s)
  • Marriage separation
  • Loss of business or job
  • Debt
  • Marriage preparation
  • Relocation
  • Sudden sickness or accident
  • Psychological problems such as depression, anger, and anxiety

Unfounded fear can also cause stress. This fear stems from worrying of the unknown. Some people have so much worry about the end of the world. Or, a possible terrorist attack. As a result, they are always stressful.

These things are powerful causes of stress. And if you have at least one of these “stresses”, you might want to seek an answer. Well, this article is for you. Below is the list of basic and FREE remedies to stress.

Ways to reduce stress

Listen to music

If you feel that your day is bombarded with so much stress, sit back and grab your earphone. Or, if you are at home, turn on your radio just to hear soothing music. Studies found that listening to calm music has a positive impact on the body. It lowers blood pressure and hormones that cause stress.

Find someone to talk to

Talking can relieve stress. This is the reason why psychotherapy is effective in helping people with emotional problems. Therefore, when you feel stressed, call a friend or loved ones. Even a short duration of a happy conversation is enough to relieve your stress.

Talk to yourself

If you are in a situation wherein talking to a friend is not possible, talking to yourself will be the best option. This may sound crazy, but it’s effective. Talking to yourself can help you recognize the problem at hand. And it also allows you to find available remedies to solve it. Ask yourself what causes the problem you have, and what can you do to solve it.

Drink tea

Instead of sipping that hot coffee in the morning or at night, try a cup of tea. Although it also contains caffeine, tea has antioxidant substances that can give a soothing effect on your nervous system.

Regular exercise

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the gym to have a good physical exercise. A 30-minute walk is enough. It helps to stretch your muscles a little bit and boost your mood. Walking with a dog can be a good option.

Sleep well

7-8 hours of sleep can be helpful to stay out of stress. However, if you are stressed, you might find hard to gain enough sleep. The best thing to do is to make yourself relaxed before going to bed. It is also recommended that you turn off all your gadgets and TV before sleeping. This can help you feel sleepiness.

Breathe deeply

A small deep breath can relieve stress. In fact, this practice was originated thousands of years ago by Buddhist monks. Sit straight in your chair and your hands on your knees. Feel the movement of your lungs as you inhale. And repeat that for 3-5 minutes. This process recharges your blood with oxygen and relaxes your brain.


Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. This means that you need to spend the time to relax. And one of the best ways to forget your bad day at your work or negative life event is socialization. Talk to your friends. Listen to their experiences and stories. And share yours. The communication you have not only helps you cope with stress but also helps you learn more things.


Be present. Concentrate and feel the energy around you. Be aware of every sound of your surrounding. And feel the breeze of air. This process can make you less tensed.

Be grateful

One of the reasons for stress is greed. We tend to accomplish so many things in life. As a result, we end up setting high standards for ourselves. But if we fail, we feel bad. Failure affects our self-esteem. As a result, we become more stressed than ever. The best solution? Be grateful what you have. This does not mean that you should not dream of big accomplishments. What I mean by this is that cherish everything that you have. Your relationship with your friends and family. These people are important. So you better be grateful for having them around you. Being thankful can make you happy.

Make a diary

Writing can be an effective way to relieve your stress. Making a diary can be a good idea. If you can not share your problems with others, then write them down. Talk to a piece of paper. This will help you lose your stress.

Do what you love to do

A hobby can help you forget challenges that linger in your mind. You may be passionate about writing short stories, poems, or other forms of writing. Or, maybe you love to paint. Whatever hobby can help you relieve your uneasy feeling. Make yourself busy with the things you love doing. Along the way, you will notice that you gradually feel good.

I hope that these stress coping strategies will be helpful to you. Of course, I don’t have any idea what you’re currently experiencing in your life. Thus, you need to choose the best strategy you think the most helpful and available.

If you have something to share, I’ll be happy to hear it. Please leave a comment below.

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