The Color That Reduces Stress Faster

The light color that reduces stress level.

Reduces Stress

Light is an essential component of life. All living organisms rely on this magnificent work of nature. From plants to animals of all sort, light allows everything to thrive.

On humans, lights have a great impact not only on the physical aspect but also on emotions.

For instance, a recent study found an interesting finding. A certain color of lighting changes emotion.

The study of Jesus Minguillon and his colleagues found that blue light reduces stress level three times faster than other regular white light.

The conclusion of the study was drawn from 12 people participated in the study. The participants were deliberately stressed and divided into two equal groups.

In the second stage of the study, the participants have then undergone relaxation session in the chromotherapy room.

One group was exposed to white light, while the other group was exposed to blue light.

At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that those participants who were assigned to the blue light were more relaxed than the other group.

The authors of the study explained:

“… blue lighting accelerates the relaxation process after stress in comparison with conventional while lighting.

The relaxation time decreased by approximately three-fold (1.1 vs. 3.5 minutes).

We also observed a convergence time (3.5-5 minutes) after which the advantage of blur lighting disappeared.”

However, the study was not the first scientific investigation held to understand the impact of lighting on human emotion.

In fact, the authors mentioned similar studies:

“A study about the influence of color of walls in learning environments proved that pale colors caused more relaxation than vivid colors, and the heart rate decreased with short-wavelength colors (e.g., violet, blue and green) in comparison longer-wavelength (e.g., yellow and red).

In addition, a few authors have successfully treated people with behaviour disorders by influencing their emotional states (e.g., causing mental calm) by color lighting.

For instance, pink light was successfully utilized to reduce aggressiveness of delinquents in prison.

Furthermore, another color-lighting-based method with blue light have been used for disruptive behaviour disorders…”

The finding can be useful not only for professionals but also to all of us. A simple blue lighting in our house reduces stress level.