3 Reasons Why Talking Is Important In A Relationship

A relationship is a union of two strangers. These people came from two completely different worlds. They are totally different from each other.

Couples are basically connected to each other through communication. By talking, we hear and send the message we want others to consider. If talking is absent, the whole relationship equation collapses.

Having said these, here are a few reasons why talking or listening is extremely important in a relationship.

1. Talking builds trust

The more you share your feelings and opinions, the better your chances of developing trust to one another. When you and your partner listen to each other, you’ll feel comfortable and safe.

Many relationship breakups stem from a simple misunderstanding. So no matter how small the issue, you need to talk about it. Along the way, as you both thrive, you’ll be more comfortable in dealing with problems.

2. It clarifies issues

In the absence of communication, it is impossible to achieve understanding. You end up guessing what’s on your partner’s mind. And it’s not a good practice. It leads you to nowhere. Communication in any relationship is a two-way process. Both of you should speak and listen to each other to clarify issues.

3. It saves your time

Talking maximizes your time. Guessing what your partner might be thinking may only waste your time and make the issue even worse. Mind reading techniques may not be effective in understanding what really lies behind the silence. Talking is the only way to accurately understand and solve the issue.

Communication, to me, as a married man, is the most important ingredient of a successful relationship. My wife and I never go to sleep without resolving an issue at hand. Tomorrow, is, of course, another day. But having unresolved conflict is certainly not a good way to start your day. So be open. Talk and listen.