3 Ways To Resolve Conflict In A Relationship

How to resolve conflict in a relationship?


In any kind of relationship, there’s conflict. It seems inevitable. There is no relationship that has not experienced turmoil. In fact, most breakups happen due to quarrel.

Why does conflict happen in a relationship? Because no two individuals are exactly the same. If two people who have different personalities or behaviors unite, conflict tendency is high.

In addition, pride is an additional factor. Everyone tends to impose his/her own ideal. As a result, it creates more friction and misunderstanding.

However, there are conflict resolution strategies you can use to maintain harmony in a relationship. But these resolution strategies will only work if you let yourself open to the process. Otherwise, you’ll find these strategies useless.

3 Ways To Resolve Conflict

To effectively maintain harmony in your relationship, you should…

1. Express yourself.

One of the reasons for breakups is the misunderstanding. And misunderstanding is a product of miscommunication.

If you listen to divorced individuals, you’ll find a pattern in their stories. One of the key themes is not misunderstanding per se but the communication gap.

A relationship (both family and romantic) needs a constant flow of communication. And the only way to successfully connect to one another is by expressing yourself.

Understanding only happens when you or both of you understand each other.

People who are not open to their loved ones may find their relationship struggling. They keep their partners guessing their feelings. Not surprising that sooner or later, their relationship would not thrive.

Thus, if you find something wrong with your partner’s actions, make him/her know it. Express your disappointment and offer a possible solution.

But do not condemn your partner’s mistake. Remember that s/he is not your enemy. Always make him/her feel your love, loyalty, and sincerity.

2. Express your true intention.

A relationship is a process of sharing ideas. Sometimes you admire and sometimes you make some behavioral corrections.

But such a process is not easy. People may have different meanings in every circumstance especially when corrected.

Some people feel degraded when they are corrected. That’s why you need to make your partner aware of your intention.

Explain to your partner that what you do is for his/her benefits. You can say, “I don’t want people to make negative comments about you. How can I help to make things right?”

With this, you are not only making him/her aware of his mistakes but also you are showing your love and sincerity.

Again, never blame.

3. Share your plan.

When you are in a relationship, it is important to have future plans. But whatever plan you have, you need to share it with your partner.

Again, the communication process is vital here. Sharing your future plans strengthens the connection between the two of you.

Find time together and discuss your ideas. Share what you love to accomplish. But don’t forget to involve your partner.

Listen to his/her plans too. Observe whether or not your plans fit or at least have similarities.

If not, try to concise. Find ways to avoid conflict. The keyword here is “consult”.

Don’t forget that you are one. Your decision must be with his/her consent. And vice versa.

If you are constantly sharing all your plans and actions with your loved one, it is unlikely that you experience conflict.

If we are going to summarize these three processes, we end up with one word – respect. Respect is an act or virtue that is missing on broken relationships.

Thus, if you implement it in your relationship, you’ll find your life happier and prosperous.

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