The Best Revenge You Can Do To Those Who Wronged You

Do you really want to take revenge against those who hurt you?


You may be sitting in that dark room with your fists clenched so hard. Right now, you want to throw a punch on that wall before you. Because you were betrayed.

Some people might have judged you the wrong way, they might have turned you down and accused you. But you know you are not what they think. You are a person who never did wrong – that all you want is a peaceful life.

Now, you are ready to take your revenge. But before you throw that fist, ask yourself these questions: Is it the best thing you can do? Will it bring you satisfaction and justice?

Remember that every action you do, there will always be corresponding consequences. Most of the time, these consequences are something that you need to pay.

Revenge does not come without a price. Well, if you do it the wrong way. Yes, revenge has its own best form that will never cost you anything.

Instead of hitting your enemy with a stone, why not consider him as someone who pushed you to do more?

Be thankful for what others have done to you. Make those partial judgments your strength. That is, the more pain you receive, the stronger you become.

Fighting back is not the best form of revenge. The best revenge is showing the world who you truly are. It is okay to blame others for what they have done to you. But do not blame them for what you did not do.

Most people always find someone to put their blame on because it is an easy thing to do. It is easier to blame others than to take the responsibility.

The best revenge is taking no revenge at all. Just move on like nothing happens. Never pay attention to those who wronged you. Instead, treat other’s doing as a learning experience.

Never look back. Focus on your goals. Make your own world better. The moment you achieved greatness, those people who judged and laughed at you will be insulted. Not by your word but your actions and accomplishments.

The pain and embarrassment that they will feel are deeper and more profound than being hit by your fist.

So move on. Don’t lose your self-control. Strive to fill yourself with greatness. Sooner or later, you will become happier and more successful.

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