The Road To Commitment Is On A Piece Of Paper

How to make a solid commitment?


Many people struggle to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. Others struggle to keep their relationship going. The common problem is the lack of commitment.

Commitment may be the single tool that fuels a soul to adhere to something. Designing a year-round plan is easy. Achieving it is incredibly difficult.

The same is true for relationships. Most people struggle to stay on their promise. So the relationship struggles too.

There are many factors as to why people lose commitment easily. But in this article, I would like to discuss on how you can remain committed in your goal.

Decades ago, Delia Cioffi and Randy Garner conducted a study on commitment. The researchers solicited a group of university students to participate in the AIDS awareness education project.

The students were grouped into two. One group was instructed to (if they are willing to participate) fill up a form stating their willingness to participate in the project.

On the other hand, the second group was told (if they are willing to participate) to leave the form blank.

The researchers found that the majority of students who showed up in the next day as scheduled were those who filled up the form.

So what does the result really mean in real life?

Well, the simplest implication of the study is that you can remain committed to achieving something if you write it on paper.

The participants of the previous study were all agreed to participate in the activity. But the majority of those who showed up were those who filled up the form.

Writing one’s goal on a paper is essential to achieving success. This is the reason why successful people recommend to make a list of goals. The written goals are more achievable than the goals created verbally.

If you are planning to do something, do not forget to write your plan. Writing your goal must be your first step.

Create a detailed description of your plan in a step by step format if you can. Also, describe the smaller steps that you should take to lead you to its fulfillment. In this way, you will become more committed to pursue your goal and hopefully achieve it.

But commitment is not simply the result of writing goals. It requires a lot of work. The problem of most people who never achieved their new year’s resolution is that they are not honest to make a change.

In other words, before you can become committed to doing something, you must be ready to embark on the journey. You must accept the required work. Because work is the only bridge between your dream and reality.

So list your plans today and work tomorrow – endlessly.

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