San Antonio Mall Robbery: Why Do People Steal

San Antonio Mall

Robbery happens every minute around the world. People steal from other people. In fact the ABC News today reported another attempted robbery incident at San Antonio Mall.

Here is the actual report from ABC News:

At least one person was killed and three others shot after an attempted robbery at a San Antonio mall on Sunday, officials said.

The incident began when two suspects tried to rob a Kay Jewelers store at Rolling Oaks Mall, according to San Antonio police.

One person tried to intervene and was shot and killed by one of the suspects, police said. Another individual at the mall shot one of the robbery suspects, police said, while the second robbery suspect shot two other people as he escaped from the mall.

Police later apprehended the suspect who fled the scene. “The suspect wrecked out in a stolen vehicle in the area … Two weapons were recovered,” the San Antonio Police Department said in a statement.

Both suspects are in custody and are each facing one charge of capital murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, police said.

But what is the psychology behind stealing? Why people have the guts of taking things that aren’t theirs?

Sheila Kohler in her blog post on Psychology Today explains the reason behind stealing in the following passages:

It is easier to steal from an anonymous, large organization, than from an individual, easier to steal from someone who seems well-endowed, has so much more. He wont even notice, he has so much money anyway, the dishonest shopkeeper probably thinks stealing from people he considers have much more than he has or are too stupid to notice. I have seen this happen in the Hamptons at a fancy grocery store where the cashier simply tacked on the previous person’s bill with my own, imagining I would not notice or perhaps not even care.

It is true that the thought of great wealth, someone, for example, who had so many houses she had forgotten how many she had, seems almost a legitimate prey.

Stealing is more than an act of survival. It is an act of exploitation. People try to take advantage of the opportunity.

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