Schizoid Personality Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

What is schizoid personality disorder?

Schizoid Personality Disorder

Schizoid personality disorder is a psychological problem that is characterized by the distinct behavioral patterns. One of the most distinct characteristics of a person with this disorder is the incapability to have social or interpersonal relationships. An individual who has schizoid personality disorder finds difficulties in expressing his/her emotions.

Thus, most of the time, a person with the schizoid disorder is considered as aloof and emotionally cold. No sign of emotional warmth and interest in communicating with others.

In addition, a person with schizoid might have no desire for intimate relationship. Instead, s/he will avoid any type of close relationships with others. Furthermore, a person with this disorder wants to spend time alone.

A person with schizoid personality disorder also finds difficulty in expressing anger. S/he may be passive in responding to challenging life situations.

Because individuals with schizoid personality disorder are incapable of establishing interpersonal relationships, they may also find difficulty in finding a job. But this does not mean they are worthless. Because they are good at doing things alone.

Symptoms of schizoid personality disorder

A person with schizoid may have the following characteristics:

  • Prefer to stay and do things alone
  • Avoid close social interactions
  • May have little or no interest in sexual and intimate relationships
  • Find difficulties in experiencing pleasure
  • May have difficulty expressing emotional responses
  • Indifferent to other people’s emotions
  • Maybe directionless in their life
  • Indifferent to criticisms and compliments of others

Schizoid personality disorder usually starts in early adulthood. However, some of its features are evident during childhood. Children with schizoid have difficulties in their academic endeavor. However, they are still good in activities that do not require social interaction.

Causes of schizoid personality disorder

Personality forms during childhood. Several factors such as genetic and social shape personality. This means that personality can be acquired from a person’s parents and from other people whom s/he has close interaction with.

However, there are no clear causes of the schizoid disorder. Researchers have speculated that schizoid is an outcome of combined factors. And the most powerful ones are environmental and genetics.

Treatment of schizoid personality disorder

Because schizoid personality disorder is cognitive in nature, the most commonly used treatment is psychotherapy. Like other psychological treatment, using psychotherapy in treating schizoid may last long. Here, a seasoned psychotherapist may act as a model in guiding a person with this disorder to bring him/her into a normal functioning individual.

The treatment process may involve group therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to merge the person (with schizoid) in social interaction. And more importantly, to allow him/her to acquire interpersonal skills.

A schizoid personality disorder is treatable with professional help. A person with this disorder can live a normal life again.

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