The Simple And Free Short Term Memory Loss Treatment

The free short term memory loss treatment.

Short Term Memory Loss Treatment

Age-related memory loss is common among adults. Those aged 70 and above often suffer from memory lapses.

This condition is due to neural connection deterioration. As we age, the brain normally loses its ability to consolidate most of the newly acquired learnings.

As a result, older adults find difficulties in recalling what they have just learned.

The worst cases are mostly seen among people who are 80 years old and above.

Is there any way to prevent short-term memory loss?

Most of the time, memory loss is treated with medication. But the recent study found the promising solution to this problem.

The technique does not involve medication. And it is free. Everybody can use it.

The key to short term memory loss treatment is a social relationship. The finding suggests that older adults could have an extraordinary memory when having better social connections.

What is amazing about the result is that older people who have a trusting social relationship have the memory level comparable to those 30 younger than them.

Social interaction was not only found to be beneficial on memory but also on developing quality relationships.

Dr. Emily Rogalski, the author of the study concluded:

“You don’t have the be life of the party, but this study supports the theory that maintaining strong social networks seems to be linked to slower cognitive decline.”

The old people aged 80 years and above are called “Superagers” in the study. They were then asked about the major aspects of their overall psychological well-being namely:

  • Autonomy
  • Positive social relations
  • Environmental mastery
  • Personal growth
  • Meaning of life
  • Self-acceptance

What differs from Superagers and their counterparts is positive social relations.

The main author of the study, Ms. Amanda Cook shared her findings:

“This finding is particularly exciting as a step toward understanding what factors underlie the preservation of cognitive ability in advanced age, particularly those that may be modifiable.”

The implication of this study can be huge among young adults too. Through this finding, we can foresee what can happen to our cognition in the future.

By understanding the very nature of our cognitive process we will be able to take preventive actions.

However, although social relations could be an effective short term memory loss treatment it does not guarantee that you don’t develop Alzheimer’s disease when you’re old.

Dr. Rogalski added:

“It’s not as simple as saying if you have a strong social network, you’ll never get Alzheimer’s disease.

But if there is a list of healthy choices one can make, such as eating a certain diet and not smoking, maintaining strong social networks may be an important one on that list.

None of these things by themselves guarantees you don’t get the disease, but they may still have health benefits.”

Nonetheless, cultivating positive social relationship can be a potential short term memory loss treatment.