4 Signs A Couple Will Divorce According To An Expert

There are many reasons why couples end their relationship. But Professor and Psychologist John Gottman identified the biggest predictors of divorce.

His conclusion was based on his decades of experience in relationship analysis.

According to him, if the couples possess these characteristics, they would end up in divorce within six years of marriage.

1. Contempt

Contempt is one of the factors that signal friction in a relationship. It ignites quarrel and disrespect.

Contempt may manifest in many ways. It may involve sarcasm, gas lighting, eye-rolling, name-calling, and mimicking.

Couples who engage in these behaviors do not last long in a relationship.

2. Criticism

Criticism may be helpful in any relationship or social interaction. However, in some cases, it could potentially break harmony and intimate bonding.

Couples who criticize one another may end up in a painful breakup. Criticism can be one of the signs a couple will divorce.

3. Defensiveness

Defensiveness is part of our defense mechanisms. You may be become defensive to cover up your failures and shortcomings.

In most cases, defense mechanisms help a person survive in a humiliating situation. But in a relationship, it may imply something undesirable.

In a relationship, defensiveness may impair the intimate bond. A couple is supposed to support each other not to gather points during arguments.

4. Stonewalling

Stonewalling happens when a person does not show any interest in an ongoing conversation.

There is no sign of agreement or disagreement. It is deliberate indifference to other’s presence.

This is one of the serious signs a couple will divorce. Stonewalling is often the result of criticism, defensiveness, and contempt.

These factors could potentially hurt any relationship. But of course, it depends on you. The success of your relationship will solely depend on how you respect and honor your partner.