Six Signs A Relationship Is Not Working: Find Out

What are the signs a relationship is not working?

Signs A Relationship Is Not Working

Breaking up with your partner can be one of the most devastating painful events in your life. No on one would like it. But it happens to some people.

Sometimes, deciding when to split your relationship can be harder than the proceeding pain. This is because, in most cases, a person may be torn between choices: should you or should you not break the bond?

The answer usually relies on the pros and cons. In this situation, the consequences must have already known to you. If you’re are not comfortable with your relationship anymore, then maybe, it’s the time to decide. But what are the signs a relationship is not working anymore?

In this post, I will be talking about some of the things that signal a huge gap in your relationship. These instances may indicate that a relationship does not bring you happiness or satisfaction.

1. One dominates the other

An intimate relationship is like the larger social relatedness wherein you should treat others as your equals. It is a give and take process that strengthens the bond. Equality boosts connectedness.

Unfortunately, some relationships suffer from the lack of equality. One may want to dictate the overall course of the intimate bond. This is not healthy. In fact, this is one of the signs a relationship is not working anymore. You can’t expect unity with a tyrant partner.

2. A conflicting relationship

Conflict is a healthy part of a successful relationship. The couples who managed to stay in their relationship for a long period of time have experienced misunderstanding at some point in their union.

But, as always, extreme things (good or bad) are not helpful. If everything you do is fight, if the only conversation medium is shouting, you better end it before worse things happen. That relationship, if you can call it a relationship, will not go anywhere. So why keep it?

3. Excessive jealousy

Jealousy can be a sign that a person is in love with you. But irrational jealousy is toxic to a relationship. At some point, it suggests that a person does not trust you. This is irritating on your part knowing that you’ve done nothing wrong.

Extreme jealousy can result in the obsession. And no one likes it. If this starts a quarrel all the time, you better pack everything up.

4. You are bored

We feel bored at some point. This may also happen in a relationship. Couples in a healthy relationship learn how to deal with this. They learn how to reignite the flame or excitation that brings life to the relationships once more.

5. If you or your partner to change each other

The biggest mistake that you can commit in a relationship is when you try to change your partner. This act is suffocating to some degree. You need to remember that love does not work that way. So, if you do that to your partner that means you don’t really accept each other unconditionally. Love is unconditional. You love someone as she/he is. Forcing your partner to be someone else is one of the signs a relationship is not working.

6. You don’t trust one another

Trust is one, if not the most important component of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. If there’s no trust, any form of relationship will collapse. If you are sensing this in your relationship, it is a sign that your partnership will not last long.

If you notice some or all of these signs, you need to weigh every possibility.

This is just a short list for red flags in a relationship. There are many other signs a relationship is not working, and you can see it among other couples. But the decision stems from you. And this is the hardest part – deciding whether you persevere or not.

My parting words are, if you think something causes you stress than happiness, then it better be ceased. Always put your welfare into consideration.