Signs Of Intelligence That Most People Do Not Know

Do you have one of these signs of intelligence?

Signs Of Intelligence

In school, intelligence is commonly measured by an IQ test. However, measuring one’s true mental capability through this scholastic technique is far from perfect.

The problem stems from the argument that intelligence is multifaceted. Thus, assessing it using psychometrics can be inappropriate.

We are different from each other in many aspects. Your friends may be very good at school while you are not.

Your forte is music. You love playing musical instruments and you are pretty good at it.

In this instance, your intelligence may be associated with music and not with the academic.

Academic and music abilities are both aspects of intelligence. Thus, people may have different kinds of intelligence as proposed by Howard Gardner.

Although the kinds of intelligence can differ among individuals, there are some typical signs of intelligence among smart people.

This means that intelligent individual may have these common characteristics. In the list below, try to find out whether or not you have the character of a smart person.

Signs of intelligence

1. Daydream

A recent research finding suggests that daydreaming is found among intelligent people. Individuals who daydream are more creative and have advanced intellectual capability.

2. Have mental health issues

A study finds that highly intelligent people tend to have mood disorders. In fact, bipolar disorder is associated with high intelligence among young adults.

3. Anxious

Intelligence was found to be associated with anxiety. This means that intelligent people tend to have more worries than those who have lower IQ.

The evolutionary psychology may have an explanation for this. According to Jeremy Coplan and his colleagues, anxiety and intelligence may have evolved simultaneously. Without anxiety and worry, humans might not be able to survive.

In other words, the smarter a person, the more anxious will she/he become.

4. Have large pupils

Intelligence is associated with the size of pupils of people’s eyes. Accordingly, pupil size indicates the level of intelligence a person may possess.

People who have larger pupils are more intelligent than those who have smaller pupils.

The size of the pupil is associated with the response of the brain to cognitive processes. The larger the pupils, the faster the brain works. One of the signs of intelligence that smart people commonly have.

5. Being able to generate novel ideas

Highly intelligent people love to formulate or assess new ideas. They love to come up with novel ideas.

This may be the reason why intelligent people tend to be atheist and liberal as one study suggests.

In the previous study, the researchers found that people who have an IQ of 95 are conservative. While those who have an IQ of 106 are liberal.

6. Love to stay alone

One study concludes that highly intelligent people are loners. They don’t find satisfaction hanging out with their friends. This may be against the common idea that socialization is a key to happiness.

But highly intelligent people don’t satisfy doing socialization.

7. Tend to use drugs

This does not mean that all drug users are intelligent. But for some reason, drug use is one of the signs of intelligence as research has suggested.

The reason being is that intelligent individuals are open to new experience. As a result, they tend to explore possibilities.

8. Have patience

One study found that highly intelligent people have a tremendous amount of patience. They don’t haste in achieving monetary success. Instead, they are capable of handling possible losses.

Real smart people do not demand immediate outcome of their endeavor. They understand that success takes time.

As a result, many researchers think that intelligence might be closely related to patience and risk endurance.

9. Lazy

One of the ironic signs of intelligence is laziness. Research finding suggests that intelligent people are actually lazy.

The reason for this is that highly intelligent people just want to think. While people who have lower IQ enjoy working because they hate thinking.

From the list above, which of the signs of intelligence do you possess? Share your thoughts below.

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