5 Signs of Success: Do You Have Some Of Them?

The world was and always will be reshaped not by nature but by powerful people. The history has it. Great people in the past painted the fate of the whole world.

Alexander the Great for instance conquered the most part of the world. Thomas Edison lighted the world by his light bulb. Graham Bell connected people and made the world smaller by his telephone. These people are only a few people who really changed the world.

But the most interesting thing about these people is not their success. It is how they achieved success.

These people had certain humble beginnings. Like most of us, they started something and failed at something. In fact, Tomas Edison committed more than ten thousand mistakes before he perfected the light bulb.

If you look closely at how these people spent their lives on earth, you’ll get an idea of how to be successful. You’ll know that it’s not always about the genius that shapes things it’s about attitude and habits.

Edison and others can be differentiated by their inventions. But they have some common attributes that can solely find in them. The following are some of the fascinating habits of successful people.

1. Super competitive

Competitiveness is one of the signs of success. You can see it among super successful people. Alexander the Great for instance was able to dominate the world because he was competitive. He won the battles because he simply believed in himself that he could be better by his enemies.

Competitiveness is also the reason why modern successful people become successful. One of the best basketball players in the world, if not the single best player, Michael Jordan won six championships simply because he was able to beat his opponents.

Generally, life is a battle, a basketball court, or a laboratory. We keep discovering things. But only a few of us are willing to put ourselves to work. The majority is comfortable staying in the background. They are afraid of competition that’s why they stay in the shadow. But those who compete shines in glory.

2. Finish things

One of the signs of success that you can see among successful people is their ability to complete a task at hand. Thomas Edison for example never gave up after thousands of failures. Michael Jordan too. In fact, he said, ” I failed over and over again in my life, that’s why I succeed.”

Failing means something to them. It reminds them to go even farther and harder. Once they started something, they will never put it down until they completed the task. Do you want to be a champion? Sure you can.

But you need to spend countless hours of practice before you get there. The process is painful. And because it is painful, most people avoid it. But successful people have a habit of grinding and hustling until every piece of their dreams manifests.

3. Circle of friends

Your friends are mirrors that directly show to others who you are. If you surround yourself with people who are lesser than you, people who have no clear vision in life, beware because sooner or later, you will become one of them.

A person who wants personal development surrounds himself/herself with people who have a vision in life. These people must have accomplished remarkable success in their lives. So being with them, you can grow too.

4. Always hungry for knowledge

Successful people never stop learning. They are always a student in their own way. Most people think that academic education is the end of learning. But it’s not how successful people think about learning. So they read books, attend seminars, listen to audiobooks, or watch educational videos. All of these are for the pursuit of knowledge.

If you want to achieve a better life, you’ve got to feed yourself with wisdom constantly.

5. Obsessed

One of the signs of success among successful people is that they are extremely obsessed with their goals. They just can’t stop until something manifests in that goal.

Many of us make plans. But more than ninety percent of the plans we made failed. Why? Simply because most of us are not obsessed, not committed to doing the necessary work.

If you really want to succeed, throw all your excuses. Embrace pain. Be obsessed. Don’t stop hustling. Ultimately, if you are that obsessed, the glory will be yours.

What signs of success do you have? Share it below.