A Simple Treatment That Outdoes Antidepressants

The simple treatment that outdoes antidepressants.

Simple Treatment That Outdoes Antidepressants

In most cases, treatment for depression involves antidepressants. The downside of this treatment is that it is costly and may have some side effects later.

The good news is that treating depression can be free and easy. One study found that a simple walk can be enough to oust depression in your life.

In fact, it is more powerful than antidepressants. The outcome of walking is a more helpful treatment for depression.

The conclusion was drawn from elderly adults who have major depression.  They were divided into three groups.

One group was instructed to do simple exercises. The second group was given antidepressants. And the third group were given both antidepressants and simple exercises.

The researchers found that all groups improved. This implies that simple exercise could also decrease depressive symptoms.

The researchers believe that a simple exercise (e.g. walking) could be a simple treatment that outdoes antidepressants.

The first author of the study, Professor James Blumenthal concluded:

“One of the conclusions we can draw from this is that exercise may be just as effective as medication and may be a better alternative for certain patients.”

The beauty of exercise is that, unlike medications, it is free and has no potential drawback.

The depression level of the participants was significantly reduced 16 weeks later.

However, there is only one problem with exercise though. The researchers found that its effect is slower than antidepressants.

But even then, the researchers suggest the importance of considering exercise as the best alternative.

Professor Blumenthal added:

“While we don’t know why exercise confers such a benefit, this study shows that exercise should be considered as a credible form of treatment for these patients.

Almost one-third of depressed patients, in general, do not respond to medications, and for others, the medications can cause unwanted side effects.

Exercise should be considered a viable option.”

Instead of relying on medication, why not find other free alternatives?

A simple exercise like walking can be a simple treatment that outdoes antidepressants.

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