1 Skill That Can Increase Your Productivity

A skill that can boost your productivity.


Either in business or in real life, you need to learn a skill that helps you win in business and in social situations.

But what skill can give you the winning advantage? It’s learning how to sell yourself.

Really, this is an obvious scenario in life. Whether you like it or not you are selling yourself to others.

You may say that your job does not involve selling products – because you are a teacher, a student, an administrator, etc. The truth is you are selling yourself.

You may not notice it but the moment you carry your school credentials with you during a job interview, you’re selling your time to the company. You let go your 8-hour/day in exchange for a salary. And from that time on, you enter into a contract that most people fell into.

This is also true in finding a date. You need to sell yourself to the person you like. But before you succeed in your goal, you need to make others believe in you. You need to convince them to accept your offer.

But how can you make them believe in your ideas?

Here’s how:

1. Know yourself.

To effectively convince others, you need to absolutely know who you are. Knowing oneself may sound easy, but it’s not. In fact, the same question hunts people for years.

2. You need to be the best person you can be.

But being your best does not mean perfection. You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to execute the best version of yourself.

3. Develop a quality relationship.

Be honest. Stand on your words and never disappoint others by not delivering your promise.

4. Be confident.

Before you can convince others, you need to develop self-confidence. This skill is very important. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.

5. You need to be determined and patient.

Convincing others can be extremely hard. If you are not determined enough, you’ll fail. Patience is a skill that helps you reach your goal.

To be an effective seller, you need to consider many things. Steven Handel suggests 8 key things you need to remember about selling:

1. “Selling just means to communicate your value to others.”

2. “The most talented people still need to learn to sell themselves to succeed.”

3. “You have to show people who you are – they won’t just discover you.”

4. “Selling can be done in an honest and ethical way.”

5. “You have a right to take up space in this world like everyone else.”

6. “Selling is about expressing your strengths, not taking advantage of others weakness.”

7. “Identify your enlightened self-interest – where your values and other people’s values overlap.”

8. “Everyone needs to ‘sell themselves’ to some degree.”

The ability to sell is a skill that can give you tremendous opportunities in life. Daniel Pink believes that selling is a part of human’s daily interaction. Developing this skill helps you succeed in work, school, family, or in your intimate relationships.

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