A New Sleep Disorder That Affects Some People

A sleep disorder that affects one in every seven people.

Sleep Disorder

Good sleep is necessary for our health. However, some people suffer from different types of sleep problems such as snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation and restless leg syndrome.

People with these sleep disorders may feel the following:

• irritability or sleepy during the day
• difficulty in staying awake
• fall asleep even performing a task
• trouble in controlling emotions
• difficulty in concentrating

These problems are common. However, a new sleep disorder was found. Experts called it “sleep drunkenness”.

Sleep drunkenness affects one in every seven people. This condition is characterized by severe confusion upon awakening.

People with this sleep disorder may engage in inappropriate behavior. For instance, instead of turning the alarm off, you answer the phone.

Although sleep drunkenness happens among people who have short sleep, most of the occurrence happens to people with the disorder.

In the previous study, Maurice M. Ohayon and colleagues surveyed almost 20,000 people. The finding suggests that 15% of the participants experienced sleep drunkenness in the past year.

Most of the people with the disorder were taking medications that may affect their mental state.

The condition was found both among those who sleep less than 6 hours and those who sleep over 9 hours.

The author, Maurice M. Ohayon concluded that “These episodes of confused awakening have not gotten much attention, but given that they occur at a high rate in the general population, more research should be done on when they occur and whether they can be treated.”

However, people who have sleep drunkenness should be aware that they have the sleep disorder. “People with sleep disorders or mental health issues should also be aware that they may be at greater risk of these episodes,” Ohayon added.

Treating this sleep disorder requires targeting the cause of the problem.