8 Quick Tips To Develop Social Confidence

How can you boost social confidence?

Social Confidence

The most frightening moment for some people is the social encounter. Most people can’t manage themselves to interact with strangers, speak in front of the class, or make business presentations.

The lack of social confidence reduces your chances of getting success in your life. The good news is that you can always develop a social skill that can help you deal and win social situations.

The following tips can be helpful for you to make you capable of dealing with social interactions. Here’s what you can do:

1. Be comfortable with silence

It is natural to feel uncomfortable talking to strangers for the first time. Because you don’t know each other thoroughly, your conversation may not be spontaneous. There will be silent moments that will interrupt, but it’s totally okay. You should not be worried about that awkward moment. You don’t need to fill that silence. Instead, learn to love it.

2. Allow yourself to socialize

Like any other skill, social confidence is a skill that needs to be practiced. The only way to learn how to ride a bike is to actually ride the bike. Consider how much enjoyment you can experience if you go with your friends to a movie. By exposing yourself to social interactions, you’ll have a better chance to develop confidence. The more you practice the more you become comfortable in social interactions.

3. Develop powerful body language

Social confidence starts at your posture. Observe how successful people hold their bodies during social gatherings. Those people are pretty confident. If you study their body movements, you’ll notice that they maintain an eye contact. Second, they don’t cross their arms or hold their heads high during a conversation. These body signals have profound meanings that can significantly affect the course of the conversation. To learn more about body language, you can check the video by Amy Cuddy: Body Language

4. Start it small

To develop a social confidence involves taking small steps. Greeting people or strangers that you come across in public places can help you become more comfortable in dealing with others. And later on, you’ll conquer the confidence of having a conversation with them. So start with one simple step.

5. Be patient

Building a social confidence is a process. With that being said, getting confident talking with other people takes time to accomplish. But this should not discourage you to persevere. Like any habit, if you are determined enough to practice it, it will become part of your routine. So you better be patient. The most important thing is that you already started the process.

6. Join an organization

Joining a community can be a big help for you to widen your world. The bigger your world, the better your chances of getting socialized. Above all, joining a community allows you to meet like-minded people. It will be easier for you to blend in because you have a similar passion.

7. Do not stop learning

Ignorance is your brutal enemy. By not having enough knowledge, you’ll easily be intimidated. And if you feel intimidated, your just-sprouted confidence will collapse. However, a constant learning is the solution to this threat. Do not stop reading books or other educational materials that can give you light.

8. Be persistent

No matter how hard you work on something, your goal will not manifest if you don’t persist through the end. You need to understand that social confidence is a skill that takes a lot of time to develop. Be consistent and never give up. This is not rocket science. You can learn that habit if you just commit to it.

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